A Commentary: The Gospel According to John

A Commentary: The Gospel According to John

by Dr. John Thomas Wylie


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Dr. John Thomas Wylie shows the reason for this book in the presentation and states it is obvious in John 20:31. John wrote to demonstrate that Jesus was the Christ, the guaranteed (promised) Messiah (for the Jews), and the son of God (for the Gentiles) and to lead adherents into an existence of celestial fellowship with him. The keyword is “trust” (believe). We discover this word ninety-eight times in this book.

The subject of John’s Gospel is the God of Jesus Christ. More here than anyplace else, his awesome sonship is put forward. In this gospel, we are demonstrated that the babe of Bethlehem was none other than the “only begotten of the Father.” There are confirmations and verifications given without number. Albeit all things were made by him, despite the fact that in him was life, yet he was made flesh and dwelled among us. No man could see God. Subsequently, Christ came to declare him.

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