A Closer Look At Genesis

A Closer Look At Genesis

by Jim Kistner Jr.


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To write this book I used the sources of the Septuagint and Masoretic texts along with Strong's resources to discover the root meanings of words in the text, as well as cross referencing to other passages where the same root was used for comparison. Where possible, I researched the facts mentioned to bring an enhanced meaning to passages. The result was an indepth study of such subjects as creation, the concept of God and heaven, the garden of Eden, the forbidden fruit, the serpent, the first murder, giants, a great flood, why Abraham's family left UR, Nimrod and the tower of Babel, and more.

Aside from the individual subjects discussed, the first six chapters of Genesis are examined verse by verse. When all of this is coupled with logic and common sense, the result is sometimes a surprising conclusion, allowing a meaning to emerge which has been hidden between the lines.

This book attempts to answer questions such as:

What language was the Bible written in?
Did God create the Universe out of nothing?
How long did creation take?
Did you know there was a wall around the Garden of Eden?
Where are the possible locations of Eden?
Did the forbidden fruit cause the death of mankind?
Were Cain and Abel twins?
Was the Great Flood worldwide?
How did descendants of the Nephilim live beyond the flood?
Why did Abraham and his family leave UR?
Is it possible that Noah's son knew Abraham's grandson?
Did you know Shem outlived Abraham?
When is the Sabbath day?

The Table of Contents:
What Language Was The Bible Originally Written In
A Closer Look At Genesis
The Sabbath Day
The Garden of Eden
Marriage in Genesis
The Serpent and the Fall of Man
The Cherubim
The Great Flood
The City of UR of the Chaldeas
Nimrod and the Tower of Babel
Timeline of the Patriarchs
Scientific Dating

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