A Change of Tactics: A Sime~Gen Novel: Clear Spring Chronicles #1

A Change of Tactics: A Sime~Gen Novel: Clear Spring Chronicles #1

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Den Milnan, a Tecton Donor, accompanies his cousin, channel Rital Madz, to an experimental Sime Center in the town of Clear Springs, deep in hostile Gen Territory. Rital plans to offer selyn technology to the Gens in trade for selyn, the energy that only Gens can produce.

Selyn is the fuel that could power a new revival of civilization, as fossil fuels did for humanity of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Den Milnan dreams of turning his horse-and-buggy existence into a world of rapid transportation with his design for heavier than air flight.

In Clear Springs, an implacable enemy awaits them, determined to stop selyn collection by fanning old fears of killer Simes. Unless Den can find a way to calm those fears, his dream of powered flight will never be realized.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781479424962
Publisher: Wildside Press
Publication date: 01/26/2017
Series: Sime~Gen , #14
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 522 KB

About the Author

An active science fiction fan since 7th Grade, I created the Sime~Gen Universe when I was 10-15 years old. When I was 25 and a new mother, I sold the first story to be published written in this universe. It is Operation High Time, and was bought by Fred Pohl, who later also bought my first non-fiction book, Star Trek Lives! I was a Star Trek fan before there was a Star Trek fandom because Star Trek flung my own visions onto the TV Screen.
Mary Lou Mendum moved to Davis, California, for graduate school and never got around to leaving. After several postdocs resulting in academic publications in subjects as diverse as grape genealogy, walnut tissue culture, and food poisoning bacteria, she found a niche editing plant science journal articles. She has been writing Sime~Gen science fiction for fun since the 1980s.
Jean Lorrah is the creator of the Savage Empire series and co-author of the Sime~Gen series. She is also an aspiring screenwriter, with an optioned screenplay, Coal for Christmas, written with Lois Wickstrom. Be sure to look for her Nessie’s Grotto books with Lois, folk tale favorite Rooster Under the Table, and Jean’s one-off vampire novel, Blood Will Tell. Jean lives in Kentucky with two dogs and two cats, and does pet therapy with Bianca, a Maltese, and Splotch, a big ol’ sweet-natured tomcat.

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