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A Basic Course in Geometry - Part 5 of 5

A Basic Course in Geometry - Part 5 of 5

by Bill Lembke


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A Basic Course in Geometry is a high school and college level textbook that is designed for everyone with an interest in geometry. It is filled with clear and concise definitions and examples of basic to complex concepts. The 2013 edition of this widely used textbook includes 461 figures, 150 tables, and a 722 term glossary. To assess student understanding, there are also 13 chapter tests and a final exam.

The structure of this textbook and the ABC Method of Instruction will allow you to successfully learn geometry. A willing and motivated student can be taught any subject.

Geometry is a branch of mathematics which studies spatial relationships and spatial structures. It is concerned with the properties and relationships of points, lines, angles, curves, surfaces, and solids. As geometry is a highly visual subject, almost every concept or problem is accompanied by a figure or table.

This textbook is a basic course in geometry. It assumes the student has little or limited knowledge of geometry, which means terms and concepts are explained before they are extensively used. It starts with basic concepts, and then builds upon them to develop more complex ideas.

Each of the chapters, 1-13, explains a group of related geometric topics with detailed descriptions and examples. There are 13 chapter tests. Chapter 14 is the comprehensive final exam. Appendixes and an index follow Chapter 14.

The chapters of this textbook are as follows: Chapter 1 - Concepts and Standards; Chapter 2 - Angles; Chapter 3 - Polytopes; Chapter 4 - Polygons; Chapter 5 - Triangles and Quadrilaterals; Chapter 6 - Polyhedron; Chapter 7 - Polyhedron Solids - Part 1; Chapter 8 - Polyhedron Solids - Part 2; Chapter 9 - Two Dimensional Non-polytopes; Chapter 10 - Three Dimensional Non-polytopes; Chapter 11 - Spherical Geometry; Chapter 12 - Geometric Constructions; and Chapter 13 - Geometric Proofs.

Geometry is a fun type of mathematics. You will learn many new and interesting things during this geometry course. Are you ready to begin your educational journey? When you turn to the first chapter, your journey will begin.

Cover design: Sunrise - Each day brings opportunities to learn something new. Let today be the beginning of your journey on your path to enlightenment and self-actualization.

Note: A Basic Course in Geometry is printed in five parts. You must purchase Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5 separately. Together, they make a complete geometry textbook!

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