8 Weeks To BLISS: A proven weight and wellness program with...

8 Weeks To BLISS: A proven weight and wellness program with...

by Caterina Casto


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Based on a PROVEN program with LIFE CHANGING results. "The single biggest difference between your seminars and other programs is...you find the root of the situation and get the person to start healing themselves." Marian Kloter
8 Weeks to BLISS allows anyone to be in control of their mind. "Miraculously, even cravings go away." Anonymous. I can tell who's using the technique that controls negative thoughts... they are more positive and their self-esteem improves. Additionally, finances, motivation, and appearances improve within 2-6 weeks. Sounds impossible, but with the technique in Lesson 3 negative thoughts DISAPPEAR. Finally, talkative people listen. Chaotic people become prompt. Focusing on the mind definitely creates success. Saying the technique to combat negative thoughts is the key. Does this mean we actually have a wellness program where the results last? Exactly, weight is maintained. The book targets overeaters, 60% of the population. Yet anorexics and bulimics are discussed also. I contacted our toughest cases three years later and guess what? They all were still using the simple technique and were enjoying the desired results. "Her program made me a lot healthier and I recommend it wholeheartedly." Ron V.
THIS BOOK IS A MUST READ, to allow you to become the person you want to be.

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Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 08/10/2012
Pages: 140
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8 Weeks To BLISS

A proven weight and wellness program with ...
By Mary Catherine (Caterina) Casto


Copyright © 2012 Mary Catherine (Caterina) Casto
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4670-7093-5

Chapter One

Lesson One: There Is A Need For An Inclusive System

Congratulations on the new commitment you have made to yourself. The more effort you place in this proven program, the faster you will look, act, and feel your absolute best. It does take 2-3 weeks for this mind-improving technique to work, so please commit to that amount of time and be patient with yourself. First, clearing your home of any trigger foods is crucial, so set yourself up for success and go and do that right away. Flush unhealthy or tempting food down the toilet, give it away, or just throw it out, but do not leave it around to tempt you. You will probably want to eat it if you are an overeater. Try asking yourself, "Do I really want this food and the repercussions?" Or would you like to try a balanced, healthy life? Healthy foods you can purchase are listed in the food plan section, and I assure you, the results have been unbelievable. Let's now first look at the need we see before us. Anorexics may need to do some shopping to have good food available.

This book outlines the most inclusive solution — one of self-acceptance, positivity, and an important added benefit – proven healing. This program is based on an 8 week seminar that works beautifully. Some clients continued another eight weeks and lost up to 38 pounds total. Take your time, but know that the starred lessons are the most important if you are wanting to do this quicker.

The information in this book is geared toward and beneficial for all eating disorders. First, we have overeaters who think of food 24 hours a day and can't seem to resist an opportunity to eat although they desire to lose weight. This also includes anorexics that regrettably, compulsively starve themselves for a variety of reasons, and become pathetically underweight. Finally, we have bulimics who binge uncontrollably and vomit their food over their guilt in overeating. I must mention that we have a lot of people who are affected by compulsive eating that vacillate between bulimia and anorexia. My friend, Megan, (not her real name) confided in me that other kids teased her in grammar school for being "fat." At the time of our conversation, she weighed approximately 90 pounds and barely ate. She was obviously anorexic.

Just two months after our conversation, Megan died from anorexia at the tender age of eighteen. These diseases are emotionally deadly and sometimes physically lethal as well. I also had a friend who suffered from bulimia. Cheryl (not her real name) disliked her legs and binged and purged often at first. Later she gained more control over her feelings. Anyone seeking to control their mind and be happy will benefit from the contents of this book. If you or someone you know is suffering from an eating disorder, this book will help to begin to have a normal relationship with food. What we all need is a good relationship with the fork, with food, and in truth, with ourselves.

Once we're aware of the emotional and physical trap we've fallen into, the next step is to do something about it. Unfortunately diets are based on starvation, deprivation, over-exercising, supplements, pills, packaged foods, cleansings, herbs, and other ineffectual methods. Anorexic treatment sometimes fails to address the fear and depression involved. Or, treatment for bulimics, the sense of obsession and guilt around food. Unfortunately, these approaches are only a temporary solution. I wouldn't even call them a solution because they just add to the problem. Once the sufferer takes off the quick 10-15 pounds that the diet guarantees, in most cases, the lost pounds return. Left unattended, the person's psychological issues continue to cause added or reduced weight and usually take over the situation. This result leaves the dieter or anorexic even worse off than before, frustrated with an even poorer self-esteem, and sadly with no true answer anywhere for his or her dilemma.

But don't despair. What is obviously needed is a system that will take off the pounds, help you gain or let your weight become stable and break the vicious food addiction cycle. We want a system that will put us in a win-win position rather than a lose-lose scenario. This system —8 WEEKS TO "BLISS" — works great. It really does. It is an innovative technique that is unlike any other weight controlling program. What makes it different you ask? Well, this system has as its aim controlling negative thoughts that tell us to eat or not eat or simply to stop making bad choices when we are around food. With overeaters we learn to eat by the clock not by our hunger pains. Using the technique allows false hunger to go away. In the case of anorexia, it helps with learning to eat more and fighting the thoughts to starve oneself. With bulimics it deals with the unhealthy feelings that result from eating and allows absorption without purging. This book precisely teaches us how to be in control of our minds and manage our cravings. Better yet, for overeaters, anorexics and bulimics the unwanted cravings to eat or not eat actually go away. It is true, — ask any of my students. They would tell you not only about their weight loss, but also the happiness they gained from working this program. When we learn to be in control of our minds, we will be happy and have a life and body we never thought possible. This is exactly what I have discovered by teaching this seminar. The people who want results get them and change their lives.

My Story:

After thirty-five years of going on food binges, depriving myself with impossible diets, and losing and gaining weight like a yo-yo, I was miserable. It was in my 30's when I entered a bad marriage and was so very unhappy that weight became dangerous for me. I admit I coped by eating sweets and bad carbohydrates. At 187 pounds, due to my inability to cope with an absent partner, I was 75 pounds overweight. I loathed myself. I then found this marvelous approach that actually worked and has continued to work.

I have so much compassion for people who do not know what I know and I want them to learn about my discovery. No one should suffer! I went as low as a normal weight of 112 pounds. I am very happy and love myself for the first time in my life. Thanks to my unsuccessful marriage, the solution became possible for me and so many others. Good things always evolve from bad. The key is we need to look for them.

Every one of us has a story that created our issues with food and weight. Although your experience may be different in the details, in essence our stories are the same. We cope by eating or not eating and use eating to avoid the real life issues and fail to find doable solutions. All these cases are alike. Fortunately, the solution you are about to learn is unlike any other you may have tried and abandoned. It includes everything from programming your mind to health and healing, to becoming happier to the point where you want to take better care of yourself, and in fact, do.

For better results, I prefer to conduct a private evaluation that helps to individually pinpoint the emotional issues that led to your problem with food. Then, carefully offer specific assignments and tips to help with each individual case. This private evaluation isn't necessary for you to benefit from this book. But, since the problem of weight is emotional, your evaluation will ensure success and definitely speed up the wellness process. Other programs focus solely on the physical, and lack this important component. That is the prime reason why they aren't effective. We look at all aspects, physical, emotional and spiritual, to set you up for complete success.

A student of mine, Marian Klotter, (her real name), told me, "This is physically the easiest program to follow." At age 50, Marian weighed 317 pounds at just 5'1" tall. In a matter of months, she gave away 46 pounds and now she feels much better due to this program and her increase in self-esteem. She has sustained the weight loss for the past three years. Her cravings went away and her self-esteem improved.

During her private evaluation, I discovered Marian's eating habits, emotional issues, and thought patterns and provided the solutions to help her succeed.

When I asked point blank, "What do you eat?" I learned that cheese was prominent in her daily diet. I explained that cheese, like nuts, goes directly to the waistline. Since the waist was where she held most of her weight, cheese was a definite problem. She agreed that cutting down on cheese was a good idea. I suggested she eat fruit and vegetables instead and also prepare her meals ahead of time, as she tended to eat cheese when she arrived home from work.

We also discussed the underlying emotional issue that was causing her to over-eat. Marian had had a hearing loss as a child, which alienated her from the other children, and food became her only true friend. Her mother also rewarded her with food and took pride in preparing delicious meals to make her happy. Food became a central focus in Marian's life. We looked at this psychologically and she realized there was no need to carry the past into her life now. By looking at this issue she began to realize how much control she was giving it and quickly began to recover.

At the time of her evaluation, Marian was between jobs, so we touched on this topic as well. It yielded some interviewing hints and she did begin working. In this program, we try to address all areas of concern, so students can focus on the goal of healthy eating and weight control for complete success.

Marian and I also discussed the man in her life. Fred, (not his real name) had proved to be a negative influence, decreasing her self-esteem and perpetuating her poor eating habits. At the time of the interview, Marian was a size 34. She was a beautiful woman inside and had a gorgeous face, wonderful smile, and generous heart, so I encouraged her to consider spending her time with someone better suited for her. She realized that Fred was contributing to the problem and began to consider better options. Marian admitted to feeling "lesser than" when she was around him. The support she received from this program and her accountability partner helped. She later found a much more suitable dating partner.

She succeeded in taking the needed action to improve her life and thus begin, in her case, losing weight. Written and verbal exercises and helpful hints helped tailor this session to fit her specific needs.

Just three weeks later, before the actual 8 Weeks To "BLISS" seminar began, Marian said, "The evaluation helped me heal and find the root of the problem. Other programs had only placed a band-aid over a festering wound." In the same e-mail Marian wrote, "I omitted cheese from my diet as you suggested and have lost an entire pant size. They are snug, but they fit." This one tip, plus some honest sharing brought about a huge positive change. The key to Marian's success was her willingness to try new ideas and then stick to her commitment. She also placed her trust in the program and let it work for her as it has for so many others.

So far, Marian has decreased in size from 317 pounds to 271 pounds. Now she enjoys a 46-pound weight loss. She commented, "That was the lowest I had been in a long while." Later she added, "This plan is the best for me. I am so much happier and appreciate nature and everything more." She has remained thrilled that she has maintained her weight for the past three years and knows she could lose again when ready.

Everyone who suffers from food addiction or weight issues has the capability to overcome the obstacles that other systems fail to address. Why does the weight stay off? How do anorexics and bulimics gain control and lead healthy lives? That and many other questions will be answered here as you learn the simple steps to 8 Weeks To "BLISS". I have successfully taught this program to small groups for three and a half years with unbelievable results. We look at every aspect of a human being— emotional, physical and spiritual. Other programs and diets focus only on the physical: diet and exercise. Yet, how we motivate ourselves to find the discipline to follow the program or an exercise routine is key. How do we do that? This program provides the answer and the motivation.

Chapter Two

Lesson Two: Sample Food Plans And How To Use Them

Since we do not want to focus on food, this plan is easy, direct, and takes very little time in the kitchen. Also, I have outlined every tip I know to give you the absolute best. Anthony Robbins has a quote: "The Past Doesn't Equal the Future." Today you are starting a plan that works, even in the long term, so forget your past failures and believe in yourself enough to succeed this time. Do your best because you deserve the best!

Any weight program worth considering should heal the mind and emotions as well as the body. The beauty of this plan is that it actually does! That is why the results are so noteworthy. As with any food plan, the availability of the products we mention is important. With 8 Weeks To "BLISS", you can go into any restaurant or grocery store and find exactly what you need. We recommend good, wholesome foods without many preservatives or additives. These other foods increase cravings and add calories and are not healthy. If that sounds like a stretch for you, consider eating more fruits and vegetables with the plan and gradually adopt more whole foods. The beauty of this program is its ability to let you adapt it to your own needs. Still, the more you change, the faster you will see results.

Consider trying this food plan one day at a time for one week at a time. Remember that it is much easier to implement while using the special technique that the program offers. For the best results, recommit every day. Eventually you will find you have made a lifestyle change. Consistency is the key. Once you learn the technique, you will be set to enjoy increased success.

The pages that follow will help you become more familiar with yourself and your way of life and let you begin to use food as fuel rather than an emotional crutch. First, let's start with the food plan. Next, we will focus on the mind and emotions, which are at the root of most weight problems. Our balancing mechanism is what is so different. When we work on the mind, then the body takes care of itself. It really is much easier than you think. Once you are in control of the thoughts that lead you to or keep you from food, everything in your life improves.

Let's examine the sample food plans and the tips that helped me lose 75 pounds and sustain that loss. The beauty of this program is that you never get hungry. (For anorexics and bulimics, the evaluation process is almost necessary. Individual issues led you to where you are and finding peace will entail dissecting the thinking and emotional component that created that issue. Here we find hints to overcome them.) Other weight loss programs depend on the idea of deprivation. We supplement with vegetables — carrots, celery, broccoli, spinach, etc. — in between meals, and we eat more frequently, but in small portions to make weight loss easier. I also recommend to everyone following the book Eat Right For Your Type. This concept sees certain foods as beneficial for your body and others that you should avoid, depending on a given blood type. The system produces more energy and an overall well-being. More information on blood type follows in Lesson 4.

The Food Plan

So let's take a look at a sample daily menu:

A. Breakfast — 1/2 cup of oatmeal for weight loss and a fruit, or healthy cereal for weight gain (I like honey as a natural sweetener) or a Spiru-tein protein shake in chocolate with almond or rice milk and a peeled frozen banana or a cup of frozen fruit (not the healthiest but for people on the go it is great)

B. Lunch — 4 ounces of protein, plus 2 cups of vegetables (cooked or raw)

C. Dinner — A large bowl of healthy soup

D. Snacks — If needed, eat a pear, apple, orange, peach, etc., or some vegetables.

Your biggest meal of the day should be breakfast. It fuels you for the entire day. Lunch should be medium size, and the smallest meal should be at dinnertime. Snacks of fruits or vegetables are used, when needed. Anorexics do your best to implement what you can as you can. I know it is a struggle. A baked potato in bites each day plus parts of the plan help.

The total here may not sound like much food, and it may sound too strict, but in essence, it works. You can eat in-between your meals two snacks (or more) about a cup each to make it doable. The key is to actively do things, so food is not the primary focus of your day. Enjoy a hobby or sport; start a new project. The results will come easier if you occupy eating time with something you enjoy. If you like to read, read more or bike more if you love biking, but stay out of the kitchen.

Have A Definite Eating Routine

Eating by the clock instead of haphazardly helps instill good eating habits and keeps you on a solid eating routine. We can't trust our stomachs, so a clock is a good guide. I have actually set an alarm so as to not make mealtime a big focus.


Excerpted from 8 Weeks To BLISS by Mary Catherine (Caterina) Casto Copyright © 2012 by Mary Catherine (Caterina) Casto. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Letters Pertaining to Each Disorder....................xii
A Commitment To Yourself....................xiv
Influence(s) Sheet....................xv
Why Diets Don't Work....................xvi
Lesson One: There Is A Need For An Inclusive System....................1
Lesson Two: Sample Food Plans And How To Use Them....................6
Lesson Three: The Happiness Technique....................12
Lesson Four: Eating Right For Your Blood Type....................16
Lesson Five: Six Essentials For Success....................18
Lesson Six: Metabolism Does Count....................28
Lesson Seven: The Resentment Serum....................30
Lesson Eight: Are You Ready?....................32
Lesson Nine: Meditation....................34
Lesson Ten: A Personal Promise....................36
Lesson Eleven: What Is An Addiction?....................38
Lesson Twelve: Gaining Control Of The Mind....................40
Lesson Thirteen: Food And Its Role In Life....................42
Lesson Fourteen: What Role Does Fear Play In Eating?....................45
Lesson Fifteen: Have A Plan For When Hunger Is Emotional....................48
Lesson Sixteen: Understand Your Personal HALTS....................50
Lesson Seventeen: A Letter Can Be An Aide....................52
Lesson Eighteen: A Card Is An Enhancer....................55
Lesson Nineteen: Have A Positive Conversation While You Eat....................56
Lesson Twenty: Affirmations....................57
Lesson Twenty-One: Self Talk....................60
Lesson Twenty-Two: Self-Esteem Is Vital....................61
Lesson Twenty-Three: Acceptance Of You....................63
Lesson Twenty-Four: Qualities To Change....................65
Lesson Twenty-Five: Benefits Of This Program....................68
Lesson Twenty-Six: How Others See You An Assignment....................69
Lesson Twenty-Seven: When Was The Last Time You Wrote A Letter To Yourself?....................72
Lesson Twenty-Eight: Take On An Exercise That You Enjoy....................79
Lesson Twenty-Nine: Critical Things To Know....................81
Lesson Thirty: Some "Things" To Avoid So You Will Succeed....................83
Lesson Thirty-One: Reading Labels For Sugar....................85
Lesson Thirty-Two: Eating Slowly Helps....................87
Lesson Thirty-Three: Journaling Feelings....................88
Lesson Thirty-Four: The Truth About Bread....................91
Lesson Thirty-Five: Hints For Success....................93
Lesson Thirty-Six: Restaurant Eating Can Be Enjoyable....................94
Lesson Thirty-Seven: Avoid Eating In Front Of The Television....................96
Lesson Thirty-Eight: Resentment Is The Biggest Road Block To Success....................97
Lesson Thirty-Nine: SLIP'S Are Just That Slip-Ups....................99
Lesson Forty: Who Is In Your Support System?....................101
Lesson Forty-One: Scheduling Days And Fitting In Priorities....................102
Lesson Forty-Two: How To Deal With Parties And Events....................103
Lesson Forty-Three: Safe Cooking And Safe Baking....................104
Lesson Forty-Four: So What Have You Learned?....................110
Lesson Forty-Five: Your Goal Weight Is Not Impossible—It's Quite Possible....................112
Lesson Forty-Six: Thoughts To Reflect On For More Inner Growth....................114
Lesson Forty-Seven: Getting Serious About The Past....................120

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