7Letters 7Years: In Pursuit of a Vision

7Letters 7Years: In Pursuit of a Vision

by Mandisa Mndela


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7Letters 7Years
The Vision
Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others. - Jonathan Swift.
It is very difficult to be in a position to see what others cannot see, and it takes a different kind of strength to pursue what you saw, that vision. The headlocks you face are beyond comprehension as life issues prove you wrong in many ways. Your intention gets tested to full capacity.
The teachings on how not to be intimidated by the critics, those who did not see what you saw, prove to be hard, because the truth will always stand up against the facts.
When you find your destiny, when you see the vision, when things get revealed to you, they forcefully separate you from the rest, and you will most times than not have to stand alone, even if the ground beneath you is shaky. It is true that, great things never come from a comfort zone.
I am up, and I look at the clock, it is 4:30am, it is so quiet, I can even hear my heartbeat. I am immediately caught by the scene on my window, The Dawn...such a pretty scene, I thought as I watched this transition from darkness to light.
My heart jumps but my mind is pointing on to how did I leave the curtains open the whole night? Telling me to start my daily chores as routine. I remember that I was exhausted the time I went to bed. The day had worked me out, hence I left the curtains open.
The language of the mind and the language of the spirit are not always in harmony/ agreement, but this time my spirit is refusing to bow to my mind, so, there is this conflict and my body is caught in between, as a result.
I find myself stretching my exhausted body as I am drawn to the picture outside. I walk slowly towards the window as to make sure I do not make any noise that would take away what I am looking at. It is beautiful! It is breathtaking!
Gazing at this beautiful scene of the crack of Dawn, in notice of this gorgeous spectacle, I am awe-struck. I quickly realized how I have missed this beautiful picture, "The Dawn"
that shows up on a daily basis, because I am ever caught up in my daily chores.
I have missed out on the joy that these first rays of light bring into my spirit. I felt I could physically touch it, keep it and occasionally look at it at all times I needed this kind of feeling, so pure and unexplainable.
I wish I could further describe the rapture that flashed through my spirit as I looked at the crack of dawn. I have no words to express the high excitement and deep anxiety that I felt as I looked at the sight that seemed to be brighten up my pathway to the vision with the light of happiness.
Have you ever noticed how connected we are to nature? There is so much connection in our breath and soul into everything else living. The sunrays, the clouds, the trees, the grass, the streams and the rivers...the list goes on. I am amazed at this revelation.
"The Dawn" Yes, I saw The Dawn of a New Era...

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