67 Need To Know Tips To Extend Your Car's Life

67 Need To Know Tips To Extend Your Car's Life

by Jim Gaines


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Extend the life of your car with this book!

Do you want more knowledge on cars, maintenance, preventing future disasters? 67 Need To Know Tips To Extend Your Car's Life brings you 67 complete tips, strategies, and guides for caring for your car. But not just for the sake of loving cars, for the sake of having and driving a car that will last a lifetime (or even longer).

Who benefits from this book?
- Those who want to get into the auto industry but don't have a clue where to start.
- Car owners who want to extend the life of their car.
- Car sellers who aren't licensed mechanics, but still need to get their vehicles into shape before putting them on the market.
- New drivers who haven't previously needed to worry about maintaining a vehicle.
- People who are tired of spending $1,000+ on repairs that could have taken them 10 minutes and a $5 tool to fix before a problem ever arises.
- ANYONE who wants to know more about preventative auto maintenance.

The main benefit that you get from this book is the knowledge that you can apply not only to your own cars and vehicles, but also those of your friends and family.

Here's a few of the topics you'll find in this book:
- Gassing up, when to do it and when not to
- Idling and how long is long enough or too long
- Driving with loads, towing 'stuff'
- Speeds, hot/cold speeds and more
- A/C and air in the car
- Car insuring
- Keychain "anchors" and the devastation it can cause
- Car batteries
- Washing and detailing your car
- Car interior
- Car exterior
- Batteries
- Lights
- Tires rims and hubcaps
- Oil changing
- Hoses
- Where to park and where not to
- Belts
- Engines and transmissions
- Leaky radiators and what to do
- Coolant

Start caring for your vehicle today and get reading! There is absolutely no sense in driving your car around not caring about what could happen to it (unless your plan is to see how fast your car can become un-drivable).

So go ahead and start reading this book, follow the tips you didn't know previously, take note of the tips you already knew, and of course make sure you share the knowledge and wealth with your friends and family.

The goal I had for this book was to help as many people as I could to understand their vehicle more, and more importantly to help you spend less money on repairs and more on well... everything else that costs money in this world.

Enjoy the book, and enjoy the thousands of dollars you'll save over the next few years. It will be the first time your friend has a horrible car issue that YOU know you prevented in your own car - THAT is when you'll thank yourself for reading this book.

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