501 Things You Should Have Learned About Philosophy

501 Things You Should Have Learned About Philosophy

by Michael Powell


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If you’re honest, how much do you really know about any of this stuff? The older we get the less we seem to know and the less time we have to bone up on the essentials. One day, you tell yourself, you’ll get round to finding out. Well that day has arrived, so welcome to your intensive vacation primer! 
Forget boring lectures and dusty professors, this book presents history’s greatest philosophers and their big ideas in fascinating, easy-to-understand and manageable chucks. You’ll learn how philosophical ideas have shaped the world around us, from our politics and religion to our language and ethics, and
be challenged by some of the puzzles and paradoxes that have had philosophers thinking for centuries. By the end of this book, you’ll know your Descartes from your Dewey, Hobbes from Hegel and so much more. This really is everything you should have learned about philosophy.

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