501 Things You Should Have Learned About Grammar

501 Things You Should Have Learned About Grammar

by Pulp Media


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Origin of English ? First English Dictionary ? The great Vowel shift ? The Victorian Era The Suffrage Movement ? Progressive passive voice ? First printing press ? Story of lost alphabets ? William Shakespeare ? Standardization of grammar ? Onomatopoeia ? Hyperbole ? Sanskrit and English ? Greengrocer’s apostrophe ? Mondegreens ? Spoonerisms ? Jane Austen’s abysmal grammar ? SMS language ? Phonology ? Syntax...

If you’re honest how much do you really know about any of this stuff? The older we get the less we seem to know and the less time we have to bone up on the essentials.One day, you tell yourself, you’ll get round to finding out. Well that day has arrived, so welcome to your intensive, instructive primer. Forget onerous lectures and boring teachers this book presents the greatest events, the subtle rules and the obscure facts in fascinating, manageable bitesized pieces. So if you don’t know your hyperbole from your Superbowl or your syntax from your State Tax what are you waiting for, read and enjoy!

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