50 Top Quinoa Recipes: For Weight Loss and Optimum Health

50 Top Quinoa Recipes: For Weight Loss and Optimum Health

by Emma Green


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From the bestselling author, "How I Lost 100 Pounds!" by Emma Green, this title is made for use with fundamental weight loss as a definitive necessity, and an optimal health focus in mind.

Whether you want to gain optimal health, lose weight, or just ensure a daily dose of essential nutrients that the body needs for its functioning, nutrition using quinoa is a power-packed, boosted, comprehensive, and tasty way to boost your health, overall. And with 50 tantalizing and mouth-watering recipes, 50 Top Quinoa Recipes makes it quick and easy to naturally get your vitality and energy, with an aim toward weight loss and optimum health as the end goal. Fill your mealtimes with the "best food" there is, with its prominent, vital, unmatched, and nutrient-dense qualities.

50 Top Quinoa Recipes contains:

"50 Tantalizing Recipes for making fresh, nutrient-dense meals for breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. Including ingredient lists, and easy-to-follow recipes with instructions.
"The Benefits of Quinoa for Weight Loss; a discussion of the "best food" for health that aids in shedding pounds. An insightful look at the amazing contents of this world-renown food.
"Helpful Facts for understanding US-Based diets, and why we need to negate them, now; more than ever.

50 Top Quinoa Recipes contains: Coconut and Quinoa Treat, Easy Apple-Cinnamon Quinoa, Fruity Quinoa Bowl, Amazing Avocado Quinoa, Yummy Quinoa Salad, Quinoa Chicken Parmesan, Mexican Magic Quinoa, Slow-Cooked Quinoa Enchiladas, Quinoa, Raspberry and Lemon Bars, Gorgeous Asian Snack Bowl, and many, many more!

Yes! All you really need is a great food to set your nutrition on fire! Quinoa ticks every box for weight loss, healthy living, and optimal health. Get your amazing copy of Top 50 Quinoa Recipes today! And fill up your tummy with delicious, nutritious, and healthy food. Great for kids too!

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