50 Things to Do When You Turn 50

50 Things to Do When You Turn 50

by Ronnie Sellers


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Everything you should know and a lot more that will make you laugh and think. A must read for those turning 50, this book will help you make the most of a milestone year. All royalties will be donated to benefit cancer research. This is a fabulous 50th birthday gift, and a lot more useful than an Over the Hill coffee mug and black balloons!

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ISBN-13: 9781416246374
Publisher: Sellers Publishing, Inc.
Publication date: 03/01/2018
Pages: 304
Sales rank: 38,273
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Table of Contents

Introduction 11

Section 1 Having Fun at 50 15

1 Stay funny Annabelle Gurwitch 17

Approach aging with humor, and recognize that with acceptance of age comes power.

2 Play golf in Scotland Bill Daniels 20

Nothing will spark - or even rekindle - your love for the game like a trip to the land where golf began.

3 Tour intrepidly Peter Greenberg 26

The best way to be a tourist is to trash your list and dive right in.

4 Drive a race car Ed McCabe 32

Admit it: You're dying to try something dirty, noisy, uncomfortable, expensive, exhausting, frightening, exhilarating, terrifying, and downright dangerous.

5 Get your mojo working Marc C. Gittelman, M.D 37

The only thing better than having more sex is having more good sex. Yes, it does get better with age.

6 Check your "turning 50" horoscope Kat Lane 43

Yep, it's still the Age of Aquarius: Now that you've hit the big 5-0, here's what to expect.

7 Go fishing James Prosek 50

Some might say that 50 is too old to stair fishing. Not so. It's never too late … and when you fish, you'll discover a lot more than what is at the end of your line.

8 Jump off a bridge Mark Fenton 55

Every so often, it's good to defy your fears.

9 Never cease the mental fight Harold Bloom 60

Being older gives you the advantage of a deeper perspective.

Section 2 Making Peace With The Mirror 65

10 Stop obsessing about your flaws Bobbi Brown 67

The only beauty secret that matters is learning to look more like you, and less like somebody else.

11 Put your best face forward Valerie J. Ablaza, M.D., FACS 71

Just because you accept yourself doesn't mean you can't spruce up a few things. And now is a good time for a little nip-and-tuck prevention.

12 Wear comfortable clothes Diane von Furstenberg 76

The only way to be beautiful is to feel at ease.

13 Take your self back Erica Jong 80

Escaping the beauty trap isn't easy. You can regain the humor, the intensity, and the balance you had in childhood. It's worth it!

Section 3 Staying Fit At 50 87

14 Take a hike Kristina Hurrell 89

Walking is tame; hiking is an adventure: Get close to nature, close to the sky, close to yourself.

15 Fufill your fantasy Luis Santeiro 94

Want to transform from schlumpy to powerful? Just act out your playground daydreams, from the trapeze to the tango.

16 Limber up. Get flex-y with it Jonathan Fields 99

Whether you're a couch potato or a seasoned athlete, yoga can free your body in ways you never dreamed possible.

17 Power up your tennis game Angela Buxton 105

Whether returning to the game or just getting started, tennis at midlife requires a little adjusting.

18 Give your mind a rest Robert H. Schneider, M.D 110

Meditation isn't just for the mind and spirit. It can also benefit your body.

Section 4 Prepping For The Next 50 117

19 Get your "Behindular Zone" checked out Dave Barry 119

Ok, you turn 50. You know you're suppose to get a colonoscopy.

20 Eat like a caveman Fred Pescatore, M.D. 128

Travel backward in time to recapture the perfect diet. More fruit, less juice; less meat, more nuts.

21 Take heart David Katz, M.D 133

While the rules for heart-health are different for men and women, there are, rules. And they can save you from heart disease.

22 Bone up Michael R. Wilson, M.D 139

Be good to your joints and bones now. Be limber later.

23 Buff up your brain Bill E. Beckwith, Ph.D 145

No more jokes about "senior moments." Keeping your brain at its highest level is easier than you think.

24 Stop squinting Brian S. Boxer Wachler, M.D 150

There are safe and simple ways to ward off bifocals and help you see your future clearly.

25 Cool down those hot flashes Dorothy Foltz-Gray 155

Sometimes, women can manage those "power surges" with a simple change in diet.

Section 5 Re-Booting Your Career 161

26 Reappraise yourself Mary Furlong 163

In your 50s, you're more valuable to your employers than you realize. But it's up to you to show the boss what you're worth.

27 Stay curious, be relevant, and THRIVE! David Ebony 171

Sometimes, success locks people into ruts. Three artists offer advice about how to remain inspired after 50.

28 Hire yourself Alan Weiss 176

If you're passionate, competent, and have a good plan, 50-plus is an ideal time to start your own business.

29 Stop proving yourself Susan Seidelman 182

Give yourself credit; you're a classic. You deserve to be able to relax a little and Lake in some of the things you've missed.

30 Be a mentor Eleanor D'Antuono 187

Once you've reached the apex of your game - whether you're a prima ballerina or a regional vice president - look for opportunities to pass it on to the young.

Section 6 Mastering Your Money 191

31 Pay off your mortgage Suze Orman 193

Reduce your debt now, so that saving for the future won't be as difficult.

32 Bulk up your portfolio's defense Bill Gross 198

Make sure your money keeps growing, even when the markets don't.

33 Rethink your insurance strategy Richard Bowren 203

From life insurance to long-term care, the rules are different at midlife.

34 Strengthen your will Rebecca Rosenberger Smolen 208

No more excuses: Your family needs the protection that comes from a clear, up-to-date estate plan.

35 Budget to your 100th birthday Eric Friedman 213

The odds of your making it another 50 years are better than ever. Here's what you need to know to make sure you can live well, not just long.

36 Get smart about the IRS Bradford Hall, CPA 219

Paying taxes is inevitable, but it can hurt less than you think.

37 Give your portfolio a realty check Jo-Anne Atwell 223

Why 50 is the perfect time to invest in real estate.

38 Give something back Lorna Wendt 229

You know how to earn it; you know how to spend it. But do you know how to give it away?

Section 7 Adjusting Your Attitude 235

39 Write your own top ten list Patricia Farrell, Ph.D 237

You don't have to be David Letterman to come up with your own list of 10 great things about turning 50.

40 Be adventuresome Marianne Williamson 242

At midlife, most of us face a fork in the road. It's up to us to decide whether to take the easy ride, or the uncertain one Lo spiritual rebirth.

41 Look for what's hopeful and go with it Wendy Wasserstein 247

At 50, you've got plenty of reasons for optimism.

42 Fifties, here I come Frances Ruthe Figart 251

Blogging helped this author cope with the stress of caregiving and, ultimately, grieving the loss of her mother.

43 Find your inner elegy Billy Collins 261

The former Poet Laureate grapples with a dark night of the soul to see the light of 50.

Section 8 Going Deep 265

44 Let your life flash before your eyes Robert Thurman, Ph.D 267

You're turning 50. Accept it, and make the experience worthwhile.

45 Time to start unlearning Father Joseph Kelly, S.J. 272

Fifty is a great time to forget everything you ever thought you knew about God - and start over.

46 Don't go off the deep end Gary Jobson 277

It took leaving his wife, losing his job, and getting lymphoma to show this America's Cup sailor who - and what - really mattered to him.

47 Thoughts on turning 50 Tim Sanders 284

It's time for meaningful contributions not just wishful intentions.

48 Read the Torah Richard Siegel 287

You don't have to be Jewish to tackle the Torah. Turns out Moses has things to say that are relevant to everyone.

49 Live your faith and enjoy the world Faroque Khan, M.D 292

Islamic tradition says we should live as if we're going to live forever, and die tomorrow. A Muslim cleric weighs in on how to strike this tricky balance.

50 Trade strength for wisdom Harold S. Kushner 298

Being the toughest person in the room is good. Being the most compassionate is better.

About the Editors 301

Acknowledgments 303

Credits 304

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