5 Steps to a 5: AP World History 2019

5 Steps to a 5: AP World History 2019

by Peggy J. Martin


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Score-Raising Features Include:

•4 full-length practice exams, 2 in the book + 2 on Cross-Platform
•Hundreds of exercises with thorough answer explanations
•Comprehensive overview of the AP World History Exam format
•Practice questions that reflect both multiple choice and free-response question types, just like the ones you will see on test day
•Continuity/ Change-Over-Time charts
•Proven strategies specific to each section of the test
BONUS Cross-Platform Prep Course for extra practice exams with personalized study plans, interactive tests, powerful analytics and progress charts, flashcards, games, and more! (see inside front and back covers for details)
The 5-Step Plan:
Step 1: Set up your study plan with three model schedules
Step 2: Determine your readiness with an AP-style Diagnostic Exam
Step 3: Develop the strategies that will give you the edge on test day
Step 4: Review the terms and concepts you need to achieve your highest score
Step 5: Build your confidence with full-length practice exams

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ISBN-13: 9781260123401
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing
Publication date: 08/01/2018
Pages: 384
Sales rank: 97,181
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About the Author

Peggy J. Martin teaches advanced placement world history at Del Rio High School in Del Rio, Texas.
Beth Bartolini-Salimbeni taught AP World History, AP European History, AP Art History at Rio Rancho and Cibola High Schools, in New Mexico, and served as a question leader and consultant to the College Board for AP Italian language and culture.
Wendy Petersen has taught a variety of courses, including AP World History, AP United States Government and Politics, and AP Seminar at Cibola High School, New Mexico.

Table of Contents

Preface ix

Acknowledgments xi

About the Authors xii

Introduction: The 5-Step Program xiii

Step 1 Set Up Your Study Program

1 What You Need to Know About the AP World History Exam 3

Background Information 3

Reasons for Taking the Advanced Placement Exam 4

What You Need to Know About the AP World History Exam 5

2 How to Plan Your Time 8

Three Approaches to Preparing for the AP World History Exam 8

Calendar for Each Plan 10

Setting Up a Study Group 12

Step 2 Determine Your Test Readiness

3 Take a Diagnostic Exam 17

AP World History Diagnostic Test 21

Step 3 Develop Strategies for Success

4 Tips for Taking the Exam 57

Multiple-Choice Question 57

Short-Answer Questions 58

Document-Based Question 59

Long-Essay Question 60

Step 4 Review the Knowledge You Need to Score High

Period 1 Technological and Environmental Transformation (to c. 600 BCE)

5 The World History Environment and Periodization 65

6 Development of Agricuture and Technology 70

7 Structure of Early Civilizations 76

Period 1 Summary 84

Timeline 84

Key Comparisons 84

Change/Continuity Chart 85

Period 2 Organization and Reorganizaion of Human Societies (c. 600 BCE to c. 600 CE)

8 Rise of Clssical Civilizations 89

9 Origins of World Belief Systems 99

10 Interactions in the Late Classical Period 105

Period 2 Summary 111

Timeline 111

Key Comparisons 111

World Belief Systems Chart 112

Change/Continuity Chart 113

Period 3 Regional and Transregional Interactions (c. 600 CE to c. 1450)

11 Rise and Spread of Islam 117

12 Expansion of China 126

13 Changes in European Institutions 134

14 Interregional Trade and Exchange 141

15 Empires in the Americas 152

Period 3 Summary 157

Timeline 157

Key Comparisons 157

Change/Continuity Chart 158

Period 4 Global Interactions (c. 1450 to c. 1750)

16 Empires and Other Political Systems 163

17 Hemispheric Exchange 173

18 Systems of Slavery 178

19 Cultural and Intellectual Changes 183

Period 4 Summary 188

Timeline 188

Key Comparisons 188

Change/Continuity Chart 189

Period 5 Industrialization and Global Integration (c. 1750 to c. 1900)

20 Industrial Revolution and Social Changes 193

21 Demographic and Environmental Developments 199

22 World Trade 204

23 Political Revolutions 210

24 Western Imperialism 218

Period 5 Summary 225

Timeline 225

Key Comparisons 225

Change/Continuity Chart 226

Period 6 Accelerating Global Change and Realignments (c. 1900 to the present)

25 Revolution, World Wars, and Depression 231

26 Cold War and the Postwar Balance of Power 240

27 End of the Cold War and Nationalist Movements 250

28 Global Trade 256

29 Technological Developments 264

30 Social Changes 271

31 Demographic and Environmental Developments 278

Period 6 Summary 284

Timeline 284

Key Comparisons 285

Change/Continuity Chart 286

Step 5 Build Your Test-Taking Confidence

Practice Test 291

Glossary 325

Bibliography 335

Websites 337

Appendix A Maps of the World 339

Appendix B Key Individuals 355

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