5 Steps to a 5: AP Physics 1 Algebra-Based 2019

5 Steps to a 5: AP Physics 1 Algebra-Based 2019

by Greg Jacobs

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Score-Raising Features Include:
3 full-length practice exams, 2 in the book + 1 on Cross-Platform•Hundreds of practice exercises with thorough answer explanations•Comprehensive overview of the AP Physics 1 exam format •Authentic practice questions that reflect both multiple choice and free-response question types, just like the ones you will see on test day•Addresses all topics at the depth and in the style required for the AP Physics 1 exam•Proven strategies specific to each section of the test
BONUS Cross-Platform Prep Course for extra practice exams with personalized study plans, interactive tests, powerful analytics and progress charts, flashcards, games, and more! (see inside front and back covers for details)
The 5-Step Plan:
Step 1: Set up your study plan with three model schedulesStep 2: Determine your readiness with an AP-style Diagnostic ExamStep 3: Develop the strategies that will give you the edge on test dayStep 4: Review the terms and concepts you need to achieve your highest scoreStep 5: Build your confidence with full-length practice exams

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Publication date: 08/06/2018
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About the Author

Greg Jacobs teaches AP Physics at Woodberry Forest School in central Virginia.

Table of Contents

Preface ix

Acknowledgments xi

About the Authors xiii

Introduction: The Five-Step Program xv

Step 1 Get to Know the Exam and Set Up You Study Program

1 Frequently Asked Questions About the AP Physics 1 Exam 3

FAQs: The AP Physics Program 4

FAQs: The AP Physics 1 Exam 6

2 Understanding the Exam: The AP Physics 1 Revolution 13

What Happened to the AP Physics Test? 14

What Is AP Physics 1? Eleven Things You Should Know About the Course Exam 14

3 How to Use Your Time 21

Personalizing Your Study Plan 21

Plan A You Have a Full School Year to Prepare 22

Plan B You Have One Semester to Prepare 23

Plan C You Have Six Weeks to Prepare 23

Step 2 Determine Your Test Readiness

4 Facts to Know for the AP Physics 1 Exam 27

I Forces and Motion 28

II Conservation Laws 33

III (a) Electricity 35

III (b) Waves 37

5 Types of Questions on the AP Physics 1 Exam 41

Question Types 41

Solutions for the AP Physics 1 Question Types Assessment 51

Step 3 Develop Strategies For Success

6 Strategies to Get the Most Out of Your AP Physics Course 57

Seven Simple Strategies to Get the Most Out of Your AP Physics Course 57

7 Strategies to Approach the Questions on the Exam 61

Tools You Can Use and Strategies for Using Them 62

Strategies for Questions That Involve a Ranking Task 63

Strategies for Questions That Involve Graphs 64

8 Strategies to Approach the Questions: Free-Response Section 69

Structure of the Free-Response Section 70

How to Approach the Laboratory Question 70

The Qualitative-Quantitative Translation (QQT) 73

What Do the Exam Readers Look For? 75

Final Advice About the Free-Response Questions 77

9 Strategies to Approach the Questions: Multiple-Choice Section 79

Multiple-Choice Questions 80

Multiple-Correct: A New Question Type 80

Preparing for the Multiple-Choice Section of the Test 81

Final Strategies for the Multiple-Choice Section 81

Step 4 Review the Knowledge You Need to Score High

10 How Things Move 85

Introduction to Motion in a Straight Line 86

Graphical Analysis of Motion 86

Algebraic Analysis of Motion 89

Practice Problems 93

Solutions to Practice Problems 94

Rapid Review 95

11 Forces and Newton's Laws 97

Describing Forces: Free-Body Diagrams 98

Determining the Net Force 100

Newton's Third Law 101

Forces at Angles 101

Practice Problems 105

Solutions to Practice Problems 106

Rapid Review 107

12 Collisions: Impulse and Momentum 109

The Impulse-Momentum Theorem 110

Conservation of Momentum 111

Motion of the Center of Mass 116

Practice Problems 116

Solutions to Practice Problems 117

Rapid Review 119

13 Work and Energy 121

Energy 122

Work 123

The Work-Energy Theorem 125

Power 126

Practice Problems 127

Solutions to Practice Problems 128

Rapid Review 129

14 Rotation 131

Circular Motion 132

Torque 134

Rotational Kinematics 136

Rotational Inertia 137

Newton's Second Law for Rotation 138

Angular Momentum 139

Rotational Kinetic Energy 142

Practice Problems 143

Solutions to Practice Problems 143

Rapid Review 145

15 Gravitation 147

Determining the Gravitational Field 148

Determining Gravitational Force 149

Force of Two Planets on One Another-Order of Magnitude Estimates 149

Gravitational Potential Energy 150

Gravitational and Inertial Mass 151

Fundamental Forces: Gravity Versus Electricity 151

Practice Problems 152

Solutions to Practice Problems 153

Rapid Review 155

16 Electricity: Coulombs Law and Circuits 157

Electric Charge 158

Circuits 160

Practice Problems 168

Solutions to Practice Problems 169

Rapid Review 170

17 Waves and Simple Harmonic Motion 173

Simple Harmonic Motion 174

Waves 177

Practice Problems 184

Solutions to Practice Problems 185

Rapid Review 186

18 Extra Drills on Difficult but Frequently Tested Topics 189

How to Use This Chapter 189

Springs and Graphs 190

Tension 196

Inclined Planes 199

Motion Graphs 202

Simple Circuits 206

Step 5 Build Your Test-Taking Confidence

AP Physics 1 Practice Exam 1 215

AP Physics 1 Practice Exam 1: Section I (Multiple-Choice) 215

AP Physics 1 Practice Exam 1: Section II (Free-Response) 227

Solutions: AP Physics 1 Practice Exam 1, Section I (Multiple-Choice) 231

Solutions: AP Physics 1 Practice Exam 1, Section II (Free-Response) 237

Scoring the Practice Exam 242

AP Physics 1 Practice Exam 2 245

AP Physics 1 Practice Exam 2: Section I (Multiple-Choice) 245

AP Physics 1 Practice Exam 2: Section II (Free-Response) 259

Solutions: AP Physics 1 Practice Exam 2, Section I (Multiple-Choice) 263

Solutions: AP Physics 1 Practice Exam 2, Section II (Free-Response) 269

Scoring the Practice Exam 275


Table of Information 279

Recommended Websites 282

The Pantheon of Pizza 283

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