5 Dog Training Myths

5 Dog Training Myths

by Daniel Stevens

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In This Ebook The Most Common Dog Training Myths are Revealed
That you are only training your dog when YOU think you are training your dog - wrong - you are training your dog or puppy ALL the time even when you don't realize it. A very common mistake - remember that your dog or puppy is watching you all the time!
Do you realize the importance of bonding with your dog or puppy - the stronger your bond the more you understand your dog or puppy and the more successful the training will be. Many people fail to realize the importance of this basic need and then wonder why their dog or puppy sat out in the kennel outside fails to respond well to the training process.
Consistency, Timing and Repetition - another misunderstood aspect of the training process - get this right and you are on you way to success.
Another common myth circulated by some dog trainers is NOT to use eye contact with your dog or puppy as it is threatening - Wrong! Eye contact is vital - it tells your dog that you are trying to connect with him and are using your eyes to make contact and start the training session.
Another misunderstood myth is that you have to speak in doggie language to succeed when training your dog or puppy - wrong again - you can act like a human and be just as successful.
The importance of body language - not only yours but your dog's too. All this is explained - from the simple wag of the tail to the meaning behind your dog's ear and eye movements and your dog's bodily posture. Remember, you know how to respond to your human friend when they look or act sad and its the same for your dog or puppy.
Some people believe that the Dog Whisperer technique is the only technique that works - this could not be more wrong and is explained later.
Another myth is that all dogs and puppies develop chewing and destructive behavior problems through boredom - wrong - this is explained and tips and techniques are given to cure any chewing problems.
Using a Crate when crate training and housetraining your dog or puppy is cruel. No the Crate is a dog training tool that can be used effectively to potty train your dog or puppy - explained in great detail.

Fellow Dog Owners and Enthusiasts,
It is with great pleasure and pride I find myself representing a superb
opportunity to assist yet another dog owner in their quest for a healthy,
happy, and willingly obedient companion.
I'm happy to say that since its inception, the Secrets to Dog Training guide
to dog obedience training has been used by over 60,000 dog owners to
solve their dog behavior troubles - or prevent them from occurring from
the start!
Many of their success stories are included on our website with photo
These clients represent a wide mix of dog owners, from those who are
house training a new puppy, struggling with common problems such as
excessive barking, destructive chewing, or possessive aggression, to those
treating a severe case of separation anxiety or struggling with an adult
dog that is simply on a crash course toward "out of control."
Over the years our team has grown into respected network of dog trainers,
behaviorists, and veterinarians who work under the Kingdom of Pets name.
We all share the same commitment to solving your problems so that you
can get the most out of your relationship with your companion!
Dog owners from all corners of life can benefit from a systematic training
program based on sound methods (my own dogs are walking proof) and
that's what we're all about providing anyone with a dog they truly care
So now that I've answered the question, "WHY should I listen to you?" - it's
time to get on with WHAT I've got to say... time to get into the meat of the
"I recommend Secrets to Dog Training to everyone who has a dog as a companion. I
have learned so much about dog behaviors and how to respond accordingly without
yelling or intimidating. Thanks Dan for writing such a great learning tool!"
- Susan Caruso (USA)
Now, I know it's a constant challenge separating the fact from the fluff
when it comes to dog obedience, one that gets even trickier when you
have more than one source offering you conflicting information, even if
they mean well.
And the fact of the matter is that most people want the maximum impact
for the least amount of effort. I don't blame them - after all, you just want
to be a responsible dog owner, not a professional dog trainer!
In the dog training field you see a lot of half-truths and a fair share of total
myths. And when it comes to myth-making and myth-breaking, I've found
that it's quite common to have dog trainers insult your intelligence and
waste your time!

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About the Author

Daniel Stevens is the renowned dog trainer and author of Secrets to Dog
Training: Dog Training To Stop Your Dog's Behavior Problems!, one of the
leading dog training guides on the market today, having helped over
60,000 dog owners since its inception. He currently heads the Kingdom of
Pets dog training team.

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