499 Facts about Hip-Hop Hamilton and the Rest of America's Founding Fathers: 499 Facts About Hop-Hop Hamilton and America's First Leaders

499 Facts about Hip-Hop Hamilton and the Rest of America's Founding Fathers: 499 Facts About Hop-Hop Hamilton and America's First Leaders

by Stephen Spignesi

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You want a revolution? So did Alexander Hamilton and the Founding Fathers!

America has fallen in love again with Alexander Hamilton and the Founding Fathers. Here is a popping fresh collection of facts and forgotten trivia surrounding the American Revolution and our forefathers – from those you’d expect (George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, and Hamilton, of course) to those you may never have heard of, but you probably should have (who the heck was Rufus King?):

Alexander Hamilton was born on foreign soil and became an American hero - the founder of the U.S. Mint and the U.S. Coast Guard. The naval communication book he wrote was still being used by the US Navy and Coast Guard through the Cuban Missile Crisis.
Roger Sherman (of Connecticut) was one of only two Founding Fathers who signed the three bulwark documents of our republic: The Declaration of Independence, the Articles of the Confederation, and the Constitution. (Give props to this guy.)
By the time he was thirty, George Washington had had smallpox, pleurisy, dysentery, and malaria.

Readers will be left with a greater appreciation and deeper respect for these human beings who were just trying to accomplish the incredible: create the greatest nation in history.

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About the Author

Stephen Spignesi is the author of more than 50 titles on the subject of history and pop culture, including The USA Book of Lists; George Washington’s Leadership Lessons; What’s Your Red, White, and Blue IQ?; and The Titanic For Dummies. He teaches English at the University of New Haven (CT). The author resides in East Haven, Connecticut.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments xi

Introduction: Give Props For What They Did! xv

What Are America's Founding Documents? xvi

Docs on the Down-low: Other Important Founding Documents and What They Did xxi

Part I The Main Men: 12 Indispensable Founders 1

Chapter 1 George Washington: The Boss [Fact #1-16] 3


30 of George Washington's Rules of Civility That Could Be Useful Today 5

An Interview with George Washington 10

The Last Letter George Washington Ever Wrote … and It Was to Hamilton 12

What Washington Ate: Christmas Dinner at Mount Vernon 13

Chapter 2 Alexander Hamilton: Hip Hop Hamilton [Fact #17-31] 14


An Interview with Alexander Hamilton 18

Is the History in Hamilton For Reals? 20

Chapter 3 Thomas Jefferson: Man of the Mind [Fact #32-54] 22


The One Thing 27

An Interview with Thomas Jefferson 28

Chapter 4 John Adams: The Tea Partier [Fact #55-73] 30

A Dog Named Satan (nope, wasn't a pit!) 33

An Interview with John Adams 34

Chapter 5 Benjamin Franklin: Dude Was Wired Up [Fact #74-101] 35

Benjamin Franklin's Daily Schedule 39

An Interview with Benjamin Franklin 41

Chapter 6 James Madison: Pops fames [Fact #102-121] 43

An Interview with James Madison 46

Chapter 7 John Jay: JJ [Fact #122-133] 48

The Founders on Stage & Screen 51

Chapter 8 James Monroe: Mr. Good Feelings [Fact #134-151] 53

What Do the 27 Amendments to the Constitution Do? 56

Chapter 9 Thomas Paine: Makin' Sense [Fact #152-178] 58

Thomas Paine, Inventor 62

An Interview with Thomas Paine 63

Chapter 10 Patrick Henry: I Will Be Free! [Fact #179-193] 65

An Interview with Patrick Henry 69

Chapter 11 Samuel Adams: The Brewmaster and Beyond [Fact #194-209] 71

Chapter 12 John Hancock: Mr. Big Sig [Fact #210-223] 75

How To Display the United States Constitution 78

Part II An Invaluable 20 Founders 79

Chapter 13 William Blount: Show Me Da Money [Fact #224-233] 81

26 Items on a Valley Forge Grocery List 83

Chapter 14 Charles Carroll of Carrollton: The Catholic [Fact #234-249] 85

The Musical Founders 88

Chapter 15 John Dickinson: The Penman [Fact #250-259] 89

Chapter 16 Elbridge Gerry: Gerrymander This! [Fact #260-275] 94

Founders Who Did Not Sign the United States Constitution 97

Chapter 17 Francis Hopkinson: Don't Call Me Frances [Fact #276-284] 98

The Music & Poetry of Francis Hopkinson 101

Chapter 18 Rufus King: Son of a Sea Captain [Fact #285-294] 102

Chapter 19 Richard Henry Lee: Don't Call Me Dick [Fact #295-305] 105

Favorite Drinks of the Founding Fathers 108

Chapter 20 Robert R. Livingston: "Place Your Hand…" [Fact #306-319] 109

Visiting the Founding Fathers 111

Chapter 21 John Marshall: The Marshall Who Was a Captain [Fact #320-336] 114

Chapter 22 George Mason: The Mason Who Wasn't a Mason [Fact #337-350] 118

George Mason Was Not a Mason: 13 Signers of the Constitution Who Were Freemasons 121

Chapter 23 Gouvemeur Morris: That's Gouverneur, Not Governor [Fact #351-365] 122

Chapter 24 Robert Morris: Morris in the Can [Fact #366-377] 127

Chapter 25 William Paterson: Here Come Da Judge [Fact #378-388] 131

A Typical Christmas Day Menu in Colonial Williamsburg 134

Chapter 26 Charles Cotesworth Pinckney: CC [Fact #389-402] 135

Chapter 27 Charles Pinckney: So Help Me… Wait! What? [Fact #403-411] 139

"Doodle" is Not a Compliment 140

Chapter 28 Benjamin Rush: Keepin' It Clean with Dr. Hygiene [Fact #412-425] 142

A Few Nasty Things John Adams Said About Other Founders 145

Chapter 29 Roger Sherman: The Shoemaker Senator [Fact #426-444] 146

John Hanson: 1st President of the United States… Wait… What? 149

Chapter 30 James Wilson: The Detailer [Fact #445-458] 150

Chapter 31 John Witherspoon: Mr. Princeton [Fact #459-472] 154

5 Ways the Colonists Insulted King George 157

Chapter 32 George Wythe: Pronounced "With" Not "Wythe" [Fact #473-487] 158

It's All Relative: 12 Surprising Family Connections of the Founding Fathers [Fact #488-499] 161

Lest We Forget; 59 Founders Who Signed the Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution, or Both 164

Part III The Reading Room 179

A warm place ensconced in wood, lit by the glow of an oil lantern

Chapter 33 Check These Out 181

African Slavery in America by Thomas Paine 181

Drink Up! The Alcoholic Beverages Consumed Two Days Before the Signing of the Declaration of Independence 185

The Opening of the "Declaration of Independence" 185

The British Response to the Declaration of Independence 186

George Washington's Inaugural Address of April 30, 1789 187

George Washington's Second Inaugural Address 190

The Bill of Rights, Take Two 191

Excerpt from Patrick Henry's "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death!" Speech 192

Chapter 34 The Ultimate Founding Fathers Quiz 193

Notes 201

Selected Sources 211

Index 213

Books Stephen Spignesi 218

About the Author 220

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