40 Questions About Creation and Evolutions

40 Questions About Creation and Evolutions

by Kenneth Keathley, Mark Rooker


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Biblically and scientifically informed answers to pressing questions about the creation-evolution debate

This accessible volume evenly addresses the issues of modern science and the scriptural texts. The conservative evangelical authors are well-informed on contemporary scientific views of the universe and also carefully exegete the biblical texts that pertain to creation. They irenically consider the various angles of the debate and make constructive suggestions to reconcile science and the Bible.

Those who are curious about the origins of life and the universe will want to read this book. Seminary students and serious college students will find this information critical, as an understanding of creation is vital to an effective apologetic in sharing the faith.

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ISBN-13: 9780825429415
Publisher: Kregel Publications
Publication date: 11/27/2014
Series: 40 Questions & Answers Series
Pages: 432
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Kenneth D. Keathley (PhD, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary) is professor of theology and director of the L. Russ Bush Center for Faith and Culture at Southeastern Bapitst Theological Seminary. He was previously professor of theology at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. Keathley is also the author of Salvation and Soverignty: A Molinist Approach.

Mark F. Rooker (PhD, Brandeis University) is professor of Old Testament and Hebrew at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. He has previously taught at Moscow Theological Seminary, Criswell College, and Dallas Theological Seminary. Rooker is author of several books on Old Testament and Hebrew language topics.

Table of Contents

Abbreviations 11

Part 1 Questions about the Doctrine of Creation

1 What Are the Major Issues and Concepts Concerning Creation and Evolution? 15

2 What Are the Distinctive Elements to the Doctrine of Creation? 25

3 Why Is the Doctrine of Creation Important? 35

4 What Is Creation's Role in the Grand Narrative of the Bible? 45

Part 2 Questions about Creation and Genesis 1-2

5 What Is me Relationship of Genesis 1-2 to Other Creation Accounts? 57

6 How Did God Create Everything? 65

7 What Is the Connection of Genesis 1:1 to Genesis 1? 73

8 What Is the Relationship of Genesis 1 to Genesis 2? 83

9 What Is the Meaning of the Seventh Day? 91

10 What Does Genesis Teach About the Purpose of Man's Creation? 101

Part 3 Questions about the Days of Creation

11 What Is the Gap Theory? 111

12 What Is the Day-Age Theory? 119

13 What Is the Framework Theory? 127

14 What Is the Temple Inauguration Theory? 137

15 What Ts the Historical Creationism Theory? 147

16 What Is the Twenty-Four Hour Theory? 157

Part 4 Questions about the Age of the Earth

17 Are There Gaps in the Biblical Genealogies? 169

18 What Have Been the Attempts to Determine the Age of the Earth? 179

19 What Are the Evidences that the Universe Is Young? 189

20 What Are the Evidences that the Universe Is Old? 201

21 If the Universe Is Young, How Can We See Stars So Far Away? 211

22 What Is the Mature Creation Argument? 217

Part 5 Questions about the Fall and the Flood

23 What Does It Mean that Man Is Made in God's Image? 227

24 Were Adam and Eve Historical Persons? 237

25 What Was the Nature of the Original Sin? 245

26 Was There Animal Death Before the Fall? 255

27 What Effect Did the Fall Have on Creation? 263

28 What Does Genesis 3:15 Say About God's Plan for Creation? 271

29 Does the Flood Depict a Re-Creation? 279

30 What Was the Extent of Noah's Flood? (Part 1: The Biblical Evidence) 285

31 What Was the Extent of Noah's Flood? (Part 2: The Geological Evidence) 295

Part 6 Questions about Evolution and Intelligent Design

32 What Is the Theory of Evolution? 313

33 What Is Darwinism? 329

34 How Is Darwinism an Ideology? 335

35 Why Are Some Evolutionists Opposed to Darwinism? 345

36 What Are the Arguments for Evolution? 357

37 What Are the Arguments Against Evolution? 363

38 Can a Christian Hold to Theistic Evolution? 377

39 What Is Intelligent Design? 387

40 What Is the Fine-Tuning Argument? 397

Select Bibliography 409

Scripture Index 415

Ancient Sources Index 429

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