30 Low cal, low fat, food and drink recipes plus 30 exercises that take less than 1 min

30 Low cal, low fat, food and drink recipes plus 30 exercises that take less than 1 min

by Michael Carter

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Physical activity does so much for not just the body but the actual person living inside that body. Physical activity first promotes circulation, then mood – positive mood is proven to be associated with physical activity which naturally combats depression, physical activity also increases energy and stamina which is endurance, and lastly physical activity also helps the body to seek rest which it needs to replenish itself. What the Center for Disease Control says about physical activity as it relates directly to obesity is the following

Healthy eating and physical activity play a substantial role in preventing chronic diseases, including heart disease, cancer, and stroke the three leading causes of death among adults > 18 year of age...Healthy eating and physical activity control body weight through a balance of energy expenditure and caloric consumption (Center for Disease Control, N.D.)

Healthy eating and physical activity should not sound like a condemnation. It should not cast a person into feelings of isolation and despair, however, for those seeking a way out of a disease associated with primarily Americans it does! This reality is an attack on the direct mental health of those I am sincerely trying to reach. Days in the park may be over, walks on the beach as well, time with your significant others may be suffering because of the mindset that is attached to a lack of healthy eating and physical activity.

Poor diet and physical inactivity are risk factors for numerous conditions that affect overall health and quality of life, and many of these conditions can lead to chronic diseases. Intermediate outcomes such as obesity, metabolic syndrome, inadequate bone health, undernutrition, iron deficiency, eating disorders, and dental caries can begin in childhood, leading to earlier onset of disease and premature death, (CDC, N.D.)
The goal of this book is to be a cost effective means that institutes a very low cost approach to reducing weight associated with obesity and being overweight in prevention of obesity and diseases associated with it such as stroke; heart attack; and, diabetes. This book also goes into the element of privacy and incremental increases of physical activity based on the approach of offering 30 aerobic routines that constitute one minute of physical exertion per routine that can be done at home in the back yard; backroom; the lake; or a secluded park without the humiliation of a gym, and accompanied by a preselected menu of breakfast; lunch; dinner; and, 30 snacks consistent with a both low calorie and low carbohydrate diet. Moreover, there are 30 low calorie and low carbohydrate drink recipes that quench the urge for sodas etc.

So, what exactly are the benefits of low calories and low carbohydrates? First, the appetite is suppressed by fewer carbohydrates "four recent studies have shown that at the six month- mark, low carb dieters lose on average, about 9 – 13 more pounds than those on a low fat plan" (Harvard Medical School, 2004) and the benefits of a low calorie diet are the overall weight reduction "Ultimately, weight loss is about calorie intake. If you take in fewer calories each day you will slim down," (Daly, 2014).

So, if one were substituting or eating this strict diet for a scheduled period of time weight is targeted from three sides in this book:

30 Meals- breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

30 Drinks- A fantastic assortment of low cal and low carbs beverages.

30 Routines- The increase of physical activity in one minute or less sessions each.

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I am a researcher who writes and publishes his research. I did not intend on becoming a writer initially, however, found that in college as I was preparing assignment that I developed a great love for writing - especially writing about truths and issues that face human kind each and everyday. I only hope that I touch and contribute to the lives of those of my audience in a meaningful and purposeful way. This is the real reason I write.

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