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3 Poetry Books in 1 - Vol II: The Music on Which Thoughts Dwell, It's Just a Game, She Said, Like a Dancer

3 Poetry Books in 1 - Vol II: The Music on Which Thoughts Dwell, It's Just a Game, She Said, Like a Dancer

by Ynez Fernandez-Reyes

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Compilation of 3 short poetry books written between 2001-2008. The cover photo of the Hawaiian Monk Seal was taken in 1982. I'm using it for the cover because the first poem in the compilation is called "The Music on Which Thoughts Dwell" and was inspired by this chance meeting when my boyfriend and I were going around the island of Maui on a motor scooter. We never tried to get close to, or try to touch the seal. We just took the picture from a safe distance, (about 100') and continued on. We were on the south side of the island then, past Makena and La Perouse. The Hawaiian Monk Seal is an endangered marine mammal, very treasured here.
In 2001 my life was at the end of a decade of great turbulence and disappointment for me. My life changed the day I received my HUD voucher for a 1 bedrm apt in 2001. I'd been homeless for years and starving to buy equipment for a mug/tee shirt merchandise business I've been trying to get going. HUD took me off the street and I was able to get a computer and create my website BANANA PATCH FANTASY PRODUCTIONS. which is a showcase of my music, poetry, children's books, novel etc. Now I have my own virtual reality and I love it!
So these poems are from 2001-2008. I know some of my poetry is very nice. I'm not a "great" poet. But I am happy to share these simple poems of my life with anyone who will listen or read them. They mean alot to me because I remember how they helped me to hold onto reality and hope and be victorious after all. This life has not been wasted on me. I am driven to self expression. I was disabled at 9, I was an orphan from 3 months. Never adopted, only tolerated by relatives, I found a place within where I could have meaningful reflection and conversation with ancestors, saints and whoever was willing to comfort me, my aloneness. So I'm a little neurotic. I'm just human and not having a family forced me to find sanctuary somewhere. How fortunate for me to have found it within my own Self. This is why I believe in Life eternal. Someone succors me, invests in me, walks with me, bends the Universe to accommodate me, protects me. I feel the love. To this day, I walk the trail alone with invisible Guides who bring me thru all . I'm still learning the lessons and growing. I am loved because I am a lover.

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