3-4 Defensive Youth Football Playbook

3-4 Defensive Youth Football Playbook

by Football Playbooks


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"The 3-4 defense is one of the most popular defenses at the college and professional level of football, but not youth defenses. The 3-4 defense gives your defense a unique look that your opponents will not see on a regular basis. This book gives the youth coach all the knowledge he needs to install this unique defense!"

Youth Football 3-4 Defense

All coaches, from rookie to veteran will find this defense a great edition to their youth football team. The 3-4 is a popular defense made famous by the Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers in the NFL. This book takes those professional level defenses and modifies them for the youth football level . I have used the 3-4 for the past 10 years for my 5 year old flag players and up thru the 14 year old travel team.

This modified 3-4 Playbook is designed for youth football players, not high school or college. Only the necessary schemes are included to have success at the youth football level. This book covers many different line calls, blitzes and pass coverages so you can keep adding to your defense for years to come. As all playbooks on our site, the plays have been tested and do work at the youth level. This particular defense works well with the younger 5-7 year old players as well as the older players ages 12-14.

The 3-4 makes a great base defense that confuses your opponent since it disguises coverage's so well! The 3-4 defense for youth football helps you stack the line to defend against the run in a unique way using the safeties. This book is a must have for the serious youth football coach.

Why would I choose a 3-4 defense playbook?

3-4 playbooks are designed for players 5-14 years old

3-4 playbooks are designed for new players as well as three year plus tackle players

All plays are explained in detail

All plays are detailed with the many options available

Each play has a large diagram

Every position assignment is explained in detail

Every play in this playbook has all adjustments needed to improve their effectiveness.

22 Blitz options

8 Formations

12 Line Calls

8 Base Pass Coverage Schemes

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