"21St Century Astronomy"

by Angelo Pettolino

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Since the introduction of indisputable proof by the scientific world confirming an expanding universe/solar system, many inconsistencies in the accretion theory, which are all now discredited, have come to light. Since their demise, astronomers have been feverishly trying to explain the formation of our solar system and water with theories like special relativity, general relativity, string, steady state, nebula hypothesis, and the gravity formation accretion theory all without success. This book, 21st Century Astronomy, completes the puzzle, answers every question, and ticks every box of doubtful questions with provable and logical explanations and experiments to prove the theorys point. A reimagined theory to the now-disproved accretion theory is central to what is called twenty-first-century astronomyor the AP theory by A. Pettolino. This bold truth book based on the latest, up-to-the-minute discoveries takes us one step closer to the logical truth and attempts to answer the unanswered questions and dispel previous misinformation and misconceptions. This cutting-edge, insightful new book offers a logical explanation for the formation of our solar system and water, which has been a mystery up until now. The AP theory also unlocks the riddle of how our solar system formed only 4.8 billion years ago. The theory chronologically describes the unbroken chain of events explaining how fusion and fission reactedwithin a one-hundred-thousand-cubic-mile area in our infant, partially frozen (Sun) cloudproduced and provided all the materials to form water and our entire solar system.

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About the Author

A. Pettolino has been a researcher for thirty-seven years with a long-standing interest in astronomy. He studied cosmology at Adler Planetarium in Chicago and is a passionate collector of solar formation evidence. He has found the answers to some of the many unanswered questions of formation by presenting them in an unbroken chronological chain of collected information and provable events. This result of this collected evidence has “filled in the blanks” with a more acceptable explanation for the formation of water and our solar system. As with all new ideas, the author is no stranger to unfounded criticism. Through it all, the AP theory has stood the test of time from its first printing in 1974. By presenting logical evidence and proving most of its statements, the AP theory has stood up to its detractors with vested interests and at the same time encouraged constructive criticism.

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