2131 South Michigan Avenue: 60's Garage and Psychedelia from USA and Destination Record

2131 South Michigan Avenue: 60's Garage and Psychedelia from USA and Destination Record


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In the mid-'60s, Chicago had one of the liveliest rock & roll scenes in the nation, with great bands packing the city's teen clubs and a few even making their way onto the national charts. The most notable act on the Windy City garage rock scene was the Shadows of Knight, but they were far from the only game in town; while they recorded for the local Dunwich Records label (who had national distribution through Atlantic), the Buckinghams, the Messengers, and a number of other notable Chicago groups were signed to U.S.A. Records, an important regional label run by Jim Golden. Most of the U.S.A. masters have been out of print for years, but thankfully, Sundazed Records has stepped up to release a comprehensive sampler of their output (as well as their sister label, Destination Records), and 2131 South Michigan Avenue: 60s Garage and Psychedelia from U.S.A. and Destination Records is a fine, lavishly packaged collection of 40 rare tracks from their archives. Dunwich tended to focus on the tougher and grittier Chicago-area teen acts, while Golden demanded a bit more polish from his U.S.A. artists, so anyone hoping for a set of Back from the Grave-style bashing should look elsewhere. Similarly, the label petered out in 1968, so most of the "psychedelic" material here is of the "Wow, I Feel Strange" variety rather than authentic stuff for connoisseurs. But U.S.A had plenty of acts who could rock out, and Golden and his crew knew what to do with them in the studio; anyone with a serious taste for mid-'60s rock will be impressed with the scope and talent displayed on this set. The Buckinghams were U.S.A.'s biggest act, and their hit, "Kind of a Drag," wasn't available for this set, but their energetic take on "I'm a Man" shows they were heavier than their signature tune would suggest. While Oscar Hamod & the Majestics had one of the least graceful names in the history of Chicago rock & roll, they delivered some forceful R&B-influenced performances, including a great vocal take of the Bar-Kays classic "Soul Finger." The Messengers scored a Midwest hit with their version of "In the Midnight Hour," but the flipside, "Hard, Hard Year," is a great slice of moody folk-rock that deserves a wider hearing. Every scene had at least one all-girl band back in the day, and the Daughters of Eve were a great one, and "Help Me Boy" is top-notch AM pop. A long way from their later horn-infused recordings for Columbia, the Flock offers up some Byrdsian jangle on "Are You the Kind" and the impressively addled "What Would You Do If the Sun Died." The Lost Agency let loose with some deadly fuzztone swagger as they warn the opposite sex about their troubles with commitment on "One Girl Man." And The Cryan' Shames merge tough garage rock guitar with silky harmonies on the terrific "Ben Franklin's Almanac." As usual for a Sundazed project, the mastering makes the most of these rare tapes, the liner notes are entertaining and informative, and there are lots of great photos and label scans to go along with the great music. 2131 South Michigan Avenue is a superb tribute to one of the key labels on the Midwest rock & roll scene in the garage rock era, along with the excellent bands who created music worth documenting, and this is likely to be the landmark garage rock reissue of 2009.

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Release Date: 05/05/2009
Label: Sundazed Music Inc.
UPC: 0090771120120
catalogNumber: 11201
Rank: 61397


Disc 1

  1. One Girl Man
  2. I'll Make You Pay
  3. Got To Have Your Lovin'
  4. Take Me Back And Hold Me
  5. Echoes
  6. Midnight Hour
  7. If You Ever Go
  8. Soul Finger
  9. I'll Never Let You Go
  10. Do You Still Love Me
  11. I'm The One For You
  12. Ben Franklin's Almanac
  13. Need A Little Lovin'
  14. I Can't Explain
  15. Don't Want To Cry
  16. Come With Me
  17. You're Gonna Lose That Girl
  18. I Cannot Stop You
  19. Time To Dream
  20. Rowe Jukebox Promo

Disc 2

  1. Stop Cheating On Me
  2. Til The End Of The Day
  3. Hard Times All Over
  4. You Made A Fool Of Me
  5. I Don't Want You
  6. Hard Hard Year
  7. No Chance Baby
  8. What'cha Gonna' Do
  9. I Don't Need Your Help
  10. Are You The Kind
  11. Help Me Boy
  12. I'm A Man
  13. My Girl Is Waiting
  14. Lips (Don't Mean Nothin')
  15. The Trip
  16. I Know
  17. Gotta Take It Easy
  18. What Would You Do If The Sun Died [
  19. Time To Dream
  20. Radio Spot

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Ronnie Ross   Organ,Vocals
Tommy Allison   Guitar,Vocals
Rick Canoff   Saxophone,Vocals
Ciner   Guitar
Dennis Conroy   Drums
Richard Coughlan   Drums
Tom Doody   Vocals
Jim Fairs   Guitar,Vocals
Fred Glickstein   Guitar,Keyboards,Vocals
Steve Grimm   Guitar,Vocals
Bill Jordan   Guitar,Vocals
Ron Karpman   Drums
Gary Loizzo   Guitar,Vocals
Rick Mann   Guitar
John Marcelli   Bass
Gregg Owen   Organ
Jim Pilster   Percussion,Vocals
Frank Posa   Trumpet
Dave Purple   Bass,Vocals
Mickey Stanhope   Vocals
Dennis Tufano   Harmonica,Vocals
Alan Vavrin   Drums,Vocals
Tim Walkoe   Bass,Vocals
Tom Webb   Saxophone
Doug Mazique   Bass,Keyboards,Vocals
Carl Giammarese   Guitar
Nick Fortune   Bass
Dennis Miccolis   Organ
Jerry Lee Smith   Bass
Artese Williams   Drums
Jon Poulos   Drums
Jeff Taylor   Vocals
Chuck Colbert   Bass,Vocals
Wayne Beckner   Vocals
Paul Cosenza   Drums
Jack DeCarolis   Organ
Tom Fini   Guitar
Ron Gagnon   Bass
Gerry Stone   Rhythm Guitar,Vocals
Eron Bucciarelli   Rhythm Guitar,Vocals
Judy Johnson   Guitar,Vocals
Debi Pomeroy   Drums
Marsha Tomal   Organ,Rhythm Guitar,Vocals
John Dunn   Rhythm Guitar,Vocals
Bob Wilson & His Orchestra   Guitar,Vocals
Bob Wheeler & His B-Bops   Rhythm Guitar
Dan Parsons   Vocals
Rob Gibson   Guitar
Mike Jones Group   Organ,Vocals
Rick Atril   Bass
Frank Ball   Guitar,Harmonica,Keyboards,Vocals
Peter Barans   Guitar,Vocals
Gene Bruce   Guitar
Irv Burgraff   Bass,Vocals
Rick Chuckro   Saxophone
Mark Drzewiecki   Drums
George Eder   Bass,Rhythm Guitar,Vocals
Tom Eifler   Guitar
Tim Gonda   Guitar
Kurt Gore   Bass
Gary Grenland   Guitar
David Gruber   Drums
John Hammes   Drums
Bud Hamod   Drums
Sam Hamod   Bass,Vocals
Art Hauffe   Bass
Dave Hedlund   Organ
Herb Hohnke   Bass,Vocals
Ron Howard   Guitar
Peter Hoy   Guitar,Vocals
Vince Jakim   Drums
Ron Januchowski   Drums,Vocals
Greg Jeresek   Bass,Vocals
Augie Jurishica   Drums
Dale Knoll   Bass
Paul Kovak   Drums
Charlie Maas   Bass
Jeff McNamee   Drums
Jimmy Michalek   Drums
Rod Mullett   Drums
Bob "Humpty" Neuhofer   Drums
Ray Paluzzi   Bass,Vocals
Denny Roche   Bass
Rich Sevich   Drums
Keith Sippel   Rhythm Guitar,Vocals
Jim Sonnenleiter   Rhythm Guitar,Vocals
Dave Suekoff   Drums
Gary Teal   Vocals
Lonney Thome   Guitar,Vocals
Nick Truske   Guitar,Vocals
Irv Vetter   Drums,Background Vocals
Jerry Wollenzien   Guitar,Vocals
Oscar & the Majestics   Guitar,Vocals
Brian Bennett   Organ

Technical Credits

Steve Cropper   Composer
John Lennon   Composer
Paul McCartney   Composer
Wilson Pickett   Composer
Pete Townshend   Composer
Ronnie Ross   Photo Courtesy
King   Composer
Larry Weiss   Composer
Ray Davies   Composer
Domino   Composer
David Roth   Composer
Stu Black   Engineer
Scott English   Composer
Jim Fairs   Composer
Fred Glickstein   Composer
Larry Goldberg   Producer
Jim Golden   Producer,Photo Courtesy
Steve Grimm   Photo Courtesy
M. Jones   Composer
Gary Loizzo   Photo Courtesy
Ron Malo   Engineer
Ellas McDaniel   Composer
Bob Monaco   Producer
Glen Rupp   Composer
Mickey Stanhope   Composer,Photo Courtesy
Alan Vavrin   Photo Courtesy
Dick Wagner   Composer
Wesley Willard   Producer
Bob Wilson   Composer
Jeff Jarema   Annotation
Buddy Ross   Producer
Dan Belloc   Producer
James Butler   Producer
Clark Besch   Photo Courtesy
Carl Bonafede   Producer,Photo Courtesy
Wayne Beckner   Composer
Jack DeCarolis   Composer
Bob Wilson & His Orchestra   Photo Courtesy
Frank Ball   Composer,Photo Courtesy
R. Chappelow   Producer
Peter Hoy   Composer,Photo Courtesy
Greg Jeresek   Photo Courtesy
Bill Overman   Producer
Keith Sippel   Composer
Lonney Thome   Composer
Irv Vetter   Photo Courtesy
Dutch Wenzlaff   Producer
Oscar & the Majestics   Composer,Producer,Photo Courtesy
Suekoff   Composer
Sonnenleiter   Composer
Ron Bucciarelli   Composer
R. Rosciano   Composer
Mazique   Composer
Mark Driz   Composer
K. Canoff   Composer
Tom Allison   Composer
Thomas Webb   Composer
Wayne Beckner   Composer
Jack DeCarolis   Composer
Hoy   Composer
Glen Rupp   Composer
G. Eder   Composer
F. Glickstein   Composer
Cauley   Composer
C. Colbert   Composer
Ar Kriegel   Composer
Andre Seibert   Composer
Oscar Hamod   Composer
Jones   Composer
Kaplan   Composer
Alexander   Composer
John Dunn   Composer
B. Jordan   Composer
Bob Stanley   Composer
Steve North   Composer
Caldwell   Composer
Cunningham   Composer
L. Ransford   Composer

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