20 of Hank Williams' Greatest Hits

20 of Hank Williams' Greatest Hits

by Hank Williams


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This set, coming along as it did fairly early in the CD era, provides a very solid look at the genius of Hank Williams and is a fine place to start for anyone looking for an introduction. The price is right, sound is OK, and it has pretty much all of the most important material, and some curiosities as well. Arguably there are omissions, but that would be true in any singe CD overview. In this case, Williams' first single, "Six More Miles to the Graveyard," would have been a far better choice than, say, "My Heart Would Know." This one has the poetry, the easy Southern swing, proto-rockabilly, and hillbilly boogie ("Move It One Over" is one such example), and the magic of the voice itself for a fine price. This is a great purchase.

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