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2 x 2 Spread Offense Playbook

2 x 2 Spread Offense Playbook

by Bill Renner


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Coach Bill Renner shares with you his offensive playbook for the 2x2 Spread Offense Formation. This formation has two wide receivers on either side of the formation and a running back in the backfield with the quarterback in the gun. Coach Renner provides in-depth details of the run plays, drop back passes, play action passes, play action rollout passes, screen passes, throwback passes, pass protection versus ten different fronts, a 5-play memorized sequence called NASCAR that has no play call at the line of scrimmage, using running back motion in pass routes and a play installation sequence chart so you know how to put this offense in. He provides you with a detailed diagram for each play, tells you how to call each play using his numbering system, and he diagrams each player's responsibility on all the plays. On the run plays he provides the blocking schemes versus a 4-3, 3-4, 3-3-5 stack and the Bear front. Coach Renner also gives you specific details of how to read the defense and use each play to attack a defender's technique. These plays are not called at random. You will know how to call each play, run or pass, and why and when you are using a play. Coach Renner also gives you his opponent attack sheet that you can use on the sideline or at practice to call these offensive plays. Whether the ball is on a hash or in the middle of the field, Coach Renner has these plays labeled for you to use correctly in attacking the defense. The design of the run plays with this formation is an aggressive, downhill running attack. The pass play design gives the quarterback a short, intermediate and deep route on every pass route combination. The quarterback is never left with nowhere to throw the football. Coach Renner has called plays for 30 years, 23 years as a head coach. He finished his 30-year coaching career with a consecutive game touchdown scoring streak of 141 games, a span of 13-years. During that time his offenses averaged 31.1 points per game and 6+ wins per season. These things were achieved at four different high schools in two different states. And, all four teams became winning playoff teams. This 2x2 spread formation playbook was an integral part of the success of his teams. It is a complete and comprehensive playbook but easy for you to understand and coach. You will understand the advantage you can have using this formation and these plays when you have gone through his playbook.

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