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While the first Flatt & Scruggs box on Bear Family documented the band's development over its first 11 years -- 1948-1959 -- this set captures the band at the height of its meteoric rise to fame into the stuff of legend. First and foremost, Flatt & Scruggs eclipsed the fame of their mentor, Bill Monroe by having six charting singles in Billboard between the mid-'50s and 1960. They also got reviewed in Playboy and Downbeat magazines and began to play the Newport Folk Festival and appear on stages with Joan Baez, Cisco Houston, the Kingston Trio, New Christy Minstrels, Woody Guthrie, John Jacob Niles, and many others. Things began to heat up for Flatt & Scruggs in 1963, when they debuted the "Theme of Jed Clampett" for the new television comedy series The Beverly Hillbillies. This box contains six complete LPs recorded during those years, the complete edition of their concert at Carnegie Hall, and an album of square dancing fiddle tunes for which guitarist Merle Travis and fiddler Gordon Terry were added to the band. Over five CDs and 139 selections, the Flatt & Scruggs trek to superstardom is well documented. Their names became household for appearances on everything from the Ed Sullivan show to The Price Is Right. But most importantly, what Flatt & Scruggs accomplished during this period was extraordinary: They not only brought the American public at large to traditional country and bluegrass music from the Southern mountains; they also pushed the envelope on the bluegrass to places it literally would never have gone. Take a listen to their version of Doc Watson's "I'm Troubled" from 1963, recorded just four days after the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the use of Buddy Harman's drums on Guthrie's "Hard Travelin" and "This Land Is Your Land," or Maybelle Carter's lead guitar on an entire program of Carter Family classics recorded in 1961. This is the sound of history in the making, of mountain music coming down from the mountain as the rest of the country opens to it in all of its raw, heartfelt glory. This is breathtaking material and is the most mainstream of the three sets devoted to Flatt & Scruggs -- there is one devoted to Lester's music after the band's demise -- and it is the most exciting.

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Release Date: 04/13/1994
Label: Bear Family
UPC: 4000127155597
catalogNumber: 15559
Rank: 75198


Disc 1

  1. I'm on My Way to Canaan's Land
  2. Angel Band
  3. When the Angels Carry Me Home
  4. I'll Never Be Lonesome Again
  5. Get on That Road to Glory
  6. Take Me in a Lifeboat
  7. Bubbling in My Soul
  8. Heaven
  9. Joy Bells
  10. Give Me Flowers While I'm Living
  11. You Can Feel It in Your Soul
  12. Give Mother My Crown
  13. The Great Historical Bum
  14. I've Lost You Forever
  15. Polka on a Banjo
  16. All I Want Is You
  17. Shuckin' the Corn
  18. Home Sweet Home
  19. Fireball Mail
  20. Cripple Creek
  21. Reuben
  22. John Henry
  23. Cumberland Gap
  24. Lonesome Road Blues
  25. Sally Goodin'
  26. Little Darlin' Pal of Mine
  27. Sally Ann
  28. Bugle Call Rag

Disc 2

  1. I Ain't Gonna Work Tomorrow
  2. If I Should Wander Back Tonight
  3. Cold, Cold Loving
  4. Welcome to the Club
  5. False Hearted Lover
  6. Pickin' in the Wildwood
  7. The Homestead on the Farm
  8. Foggy Mountain Top
  9. You Are My Flower
  10. Forsaken Love
  11. The Storms Are on the Ocean
  12. Gathering Flowers from the Hillside
  13. Worried Man Blues
  14. On the Rock Where Moses Stood
  15. Keep on the Sunny Side
  16. Jimmie Brown, the Newsboy
  17. Just Ain't
  18. Where Will I Shelter My Sheep
  19. I Saw Mother With God Last Night
  20. Go Home
  21. Handsome Molly
  22. Coal Loadin' Johnny
  23. Hear That Whistle Blow (A Hundred Miles)
  24. Too Old for a Broken Heart

Disc 3

  1. The Legend of the Johnson Boys
  2. Good Times Are Past and Gone
  3. George Alley's F.F.V.
  4. This Land Is Your Land
  5. Philadelphia Lawyer
  6. Sun's Gonna Shine in My Backdoor Someday
  7. Hear the Wind Blow
  8. I'll Be No Man's Wife
  9. McKinley's Gone
  10. Nine Pound Hammer
  11. Ellen Smith
  12. Life of Trouble
  13. The Ballad of Jed Clampett
  14. Hard Travelin'
  15. Wreck of the Old '97
  16. Ninety Nine Years Is Almost for Life
  17. Over the Hills to the Poorhouse
  18. New York Town
  19. Dixie Home
  20. Pastures of Plenty
  21. Bound to Ride
  22. When I Left East Virginia
  23. Drowned in the Deep Blue Sea
  24. My Native Home
  25. Coal Miner's Blues

Disc 4

  1. Pearl, Pearl, Pearl
  2. What About You
  3. Rambling Gambler
  4. Mama Don't Allow It
  5. I'm Troubled
  6. My Saro Jane
  7. The Train That Carried My Girl from Town
  8. Little Birdie
  9. You Are My Flower
  10. Poor Rebel Soldier
  11. Old Jack Clark
  12. Sally Goodin'
  13. Black Mountain Rag
  14. Billy in the Lowground
  15. Twinkle Little Star
  16. Old Fiddler
  17. Soldier's Joy
  18. Georgia Shuffle
  19. Golden Slippers
  20. Tennessee Wagner

Disc 5

  1. Salty Dog Blues
  2. Durham's Reel
  3. Down the Road
  4. Rainbow
  5. Big Ball in Brooklyn
  6. Flint Hill Special
  7. Dig a Hole in the Meadow
  8. I Hung My Head and Cried
  9. Hot Corn, Cold Corn
  10. Little Darlin' Pal of Mine
  11. You Can't Stop Me from Dreaming
  12. Footprints in the Snow
  13. The Martha White Theme
  14. I Wonder Where You Are Tonight
  15. Old MacDonald Had a Farm
  16. He Will Set Your Fields on Fire
  17. Let the Church Roll On
  18. Wildwood Flower
  19. Hear That Whistle Blow (A Hundred Miles)
  20. Fiddle and Banjo
  21. Old Leather Britches
  22. Ballad of Jed Clampett
  23. Yonder Stands Little Maggie
  24. Reuben
  25. Mama Blues
  26. I Know What It Means to Be Lonesome
  27. Foggy Mountain Rock
  28. Take This Hammer
  29. McKinley's Gone
  30. Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms
  31. Gotta Travel On
  32. Mountain Dew

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Flatt & Scruggs   Primary Artist
Lester Flatt   Guitar,Leader,Vocals,Track Performer
Earl Scruggs   Banjo,Guitar,Leader,Vocals,Baritone (Vocal),Track Performer
Merle Travis   Guitar,Vocals
Paul Warren   Fiddle,Bass (Vocal),Hand Clapping
Gordon Terry   Fiddle,Leader
Mother Maybelle Carter   Guitar,Autoharp
M.C. Berry   Drums
Buck Graves   Bass,Dobro,Vocals,Baritone (Vocal)
Buddy Harman   Drums
Douglas Kirkham   Drums
Curly Seckler   Guitar,Mandolin,Hand Clapping,Tenor (Vocal)
Joe Zinkan   Bass,String Bass
Culley Holt   Guitar,Bass (Vocal)
English P. Jr. "Jake" Tullock   Bass,Guitar,Vocals,Baritone (Vocal),Tenor (Vocal),String Bass
John W. Greubel   Drums
William K. "Kenny" Haddock   Dobro
William Edward "Billy" Liebert   Piano
Billy E. Powers   Guitar,Vocals,Tenor (Vocal)
William Paul Ackerman   Drums

Technical Credits

Cow Cow Davenport   Composer
Champion Jack Dupree   Composer
Lester Flatt   Composer
Flatt & Scruggs   Composer
Bill Monroe   Composer
Earl Scruggs   Composer
Benny Martin   Composer
Paul Warren   Composer
Doc Watson   Composer
Woody Guthrie   Composer
J.E. Mainer   Composer
Jack Pettis   Composer
Robert "Duke" Tillman   Composer
A.P. Carter   Composer
Buck Graves   Composer
Frank Jones   Producer
Don Law   Producer
Everett Lilly   Composer
Neely Plumb   Producer
Billy Reid   Composer
Elmer Schoebel   Composer
Eddie Stubbs   Contributor
G. Williams   Composer
Alan Blaikley   Composer
Lawrence Cohn   Illustrations
Bascom Lamar Lunsford   Composer
Wiley Morris   Composer
Zeke Morris   Composer
Henry Whitter   Composer
English P. Jr. "Jake" Tullock   Sound Effects
Neil V. Rosenberg   Liner Notes
Leverett   Illustrations
Hoffman Nienburg   Artwork
Hoffmann Nienburg   Artwork
R.A. Andreas   Illustrations
Richard Weize   Reissue Producer
M. Christian   Composer
F.J. Lewey   Composer
Leon Luallen   Composer
Gladys Stacey   Composer
Scotty Wiseman   Composer
Louise Certain   Composer
Gary Garett   Composer
T.D. James   Composer
Traditional   Composer
P. Jones   Composer
Floyd Jenkins   Composer
Martha White   Composer
Jerry Organ   Composer
Ken Howard   Composer
Mary Reid   Composer
Lance Guynes   Composer
Billy Meyers   Composer

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