17 Years: Soldiers of Tomorrow

17 Years: Soldiers of Tomorrow



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After being taken against his will, R’mon has been shown the mysteries of the universe! Upon returning from his journey, he discovers that his life has dramatically changed and must do his best to adapt and get back to his family. Not only does he carry the burden of the worst news in history but he begins to learn that there are others like him prepping for the fateful day to stop this monstrosity that will challenge Earth’s survival. With these newly formed “gifts” he and others adapt, they can become the greatest weapon in saving humanity.

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ISBN-13: 9781546202332
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 08/11/2017
Pages: 112
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.27(d)

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There's nothing worse than hearing a 6:30 am alarm sound, Kristen gets up to prepare for another day of work. I get up early the mornings to help her get our son ready for school. He is 8 years old, beautiful looking boy who is the perfect complement to both of his parents but a terror to wake up in the mornings. Sometimes we don't even bother combing his hair, a giant curly afro to sum it up except a little more tangled. Kristen takes her morning shower while I iron her and Joshua's clothes for school and work. Kristen and Josh are ready to head out on a brisk Tuesday morning and since I don't work until 1:30 pm, I get to sleep in which makes Kristen jealous every morning. We give our routine kisses goodbye before she heads out for the day and I tell her to always text me and let me know that she made it to work safely because of her hourly commute in crazy morning traffic.

Until I hear from Kristen, I will stay up and check e-mails and get my daily dose of social media. I normally get up around 12:00-12:15, I don't sleep well because of my insomnia and I don't wish it upon anyone. I've been having this issue since a senior in high school, so my doctor has told me I have to stay in bed for a full 8 hours, which I do. When it's time for me to get up, I turn on Sports center and crank up the volume so I can hear it as I'm getting ready for work. I head out for the day, the weather is fantastic, flowers are blooming, perfect snowcapped mountains on a clear sunny day. After working late nights, I changed my schedule from 2 pm to 10 pm, it seemed to work better and improve my sleep. I work for a blood component technology company, training assemblers to help make special kits to assist in changing lives. Every other day, I will call to check on my parents who are retired and live in Las Vegas and chit chat while I'm driving on my way to work which is only 12 minutes away.

My dad and I would get our daily sports chat and normal life grind conversation as I'm filled with jealousy on their retirement. I'm pretty close with my parents, I was a momma's boy to the fullest when I was younger as is my son today. I became real close with my dad in high school and from then on out, he is the type of Man that can give you the best advice in any situation and the knowledge beyond his years which made me as strong as I am today. We can talk about anything and I have my mom to give me the love and calm speech as she does every time that keeps me at bay. Her love can never be replaced, she still talks to me like a baby sometimes regardless of how old I am but I'm her baby boy out of my two other siblings.

At the end of every conversation we have, my parents tell me how proud they are of me and how much they love me. My mom tells me after every talk "Thank you for being there and taking care of your sister and brother" and to always stay in contact with each other because you never know what the future has in store. I pull in to the parking lot and turn up the last little bit of motivational tunes before I go in the building. What I do is a good job, but it's the people who keep me smiling and wanting to get better. I've met some great people over my 5 plus years at work and consider some real close friends. I try to enjoy my time any way possible while at work; I'll make faces at friends, sing songs, and do little dances here and there to get smiles and laughs out of people. Our Rockies baseball team has their first home game in the regular season and opening day is a huge day for (drinking) I mean baseball for fans, so I have to make plans for Friday.

Work goes by pretty fast due to the amount of training I had today, we finished all of our paperwork on time which is unusual but finally ready to head out. I know a lot of people at work so heading out is not just a matter of leaving the building, I have to say hi and bye to many friends that are coming in that I use to work with on the night shift, so being one of the last people to leave the job is common for me and can take about 20 to 30 minutes to get out of the building each night. I finally say my goodbyes and I am heading out the door. I'm walking my normal way to where I usually park my car on top of "Cardiac hill" which is the name of the lot that has a high flight of stairs to where I can get a little bit of exercise on a lazy day. Half way up the stairs I realize that I didn't even park up there but instead of turning around, I just decided to keep walking up and take the long way around to get to my car.

The parking lot is empty, everyone leaves on time and can't wait to get out, but I like being one of the last ones to leave so I don't have to fight the traffic when everyone else leaves. It's a wonderful night outside, about 62 degrees and you can see every star in the sky, not a cloud insight. I pull out my phone to go to YouTube so I can listen to some music as I'm walking. I'm not getting a signal on my phone, maybe the phone signal hit a dead zone but I really want to hear this song that I heard earlier in the cleanroom. I point my phone towards the sky to see if it could connect and as I'm doing that, I see a black circle shape ascending down at a slow and calm pace. It's blocking out the stars like a huge black hole in the sky, it's very alarming and yet hypnotizing at the same time. Then it hits me that this is not normal and I'm frantically looking around while walking backwards to see if anyone is around viewing the same thing. A beam of light shoots down at me and I'm paralyzed but not afraid anymore as if it instantly took my fear away.

The strangest thing about this situation is that I'm fully aware of everything that's going on, I was under no duress and carefully placed into a standing post and then a glass circular tube came down from the ceiling as like a protective shield that sealed me inside. I don't see anyone around, I notice that there are 3 other standing posts next to me, but I am the only one in this room that's the size of a typical ballroom that you would see in a hotel. A light mist comes down but only in my tube, its starts to cover my body and I no longer have control as if my body is being put into a sleeping mode. Again, I am not afraid and amazingly still fully aware of what is going on around me, even with my eyes closed my subconscious is seeing everything. A loud thunderous noise echoes, a giant wall is rising up and it shows planet earth. Talk about an amazing sight that you might see on television with perfect high definition, God's creation in plain view and I am in aww!! I soon realize what is going on and that I'm being abducted, although I can't move, I can feel my temperature rising, sweat forming on my face.

All of a sudden a voice whispers to me, "Its okay, everything will be alright"

I mean in an instant it was pure serenity, no one was around but I could feel within myself that I was safe. Earth is getting further and further away from the giant window, we began to pass the moon, and I can see the sun in the distance. Mars passes by, and then the asteroid belt, Jupiter comes into view and all its moons, an absolute gorgeous sight. I can see every detail in the planet, the layering of colors, the giant red spot, and a ton of moons might I add. All I keep thinking about was Europa (one of Jupiter's moons) and the information and hypothesis I read that it contains water which can inhabit life!? I was about as close to it as anyone would ever get for years to come and was hoping to swing by for a peak but the journey went on. Saturn approaches and the rings around the planet are a beautiful sight to see, unambiguous detail and precision at its best. We are passing Uranus and Neptune and these planets are pretty cool, blue is my favorite color and they are both giant blue planets but at some point you have to wonder if there's any signs of life on these other humungous rocks in our solar system.

While I was star struck by all the beauty, we must have been going really fast because the viewing of each planet took about 7 or 8 seconds a piece and as we are exiting the milky way, I can see hundreds of thousands of galaxies in the whole universe. So much to see, so many questions to ask but the biggest question is, "WHERE ARE WE GOING?" Why haven't I seen anyone and that voice I heard, who was that? It has been a straight and steady pace so far, everything that I have seen, the distances we have traveled seem to be in a matter of minutes. The ship I am in starts to dip down and we are approaching a planet that I would say is the size of Jupiter and then some. Its massive, it's actually kind of scary at first because this is something you can't even imagine, and planets in our solar system are different but have similar characteristics for each one. I do not see any cloud cover, I don't see any bodies of water, and it looks fused or gelled between the colors blue and gray. Now I am getting nervous, I know we are about to land and I don't have the slightest clue what to expect. As we enter the atmosphere, my body regains feeling, the tube that I'm in will not open until we land most likely.

Finally the craft lands and my glass tube raises up but I am a little apprehensive to move or leave the ship, yet curious beyond imagine. The lights in the ship start to dim really low and a hallway lights up as if showing me the way out. I slowly start to walk down the hall looking curiously around, checking behind myself every 10 seconds. I do not see any doors or halls that lead to anywhere else on the ship, I continue to walk slowly with my hands out. The walls are like a dull metal that needs to be shined and I brush my hands against the wall and it's very cold and smooth. The suspense is killing me, walking above normal pace to hurry and get out of there seemed fitting. Finally I start to see the end of the hall which is about 30 feet away from me and about 10 feet away, the door begins to rise up, light from outside shoots through the hall and I stop dead in my tracks scared out of my mind. I take a deep breath and I continue to walk forward, I get closer to the edge and a platform extends forward leading towards to the ground. Standing at the edge, I see blue land and a plain white sky but from my view heading towards the planet you could see the land clearly, so that was strange. As I walk down the platform, my feet actually sink into the ground, it looks like grass and I bend down to touch it, it has a Velcro feel.

The platform returns back to the ship and the door closes, the spaceship is massive like standing in front of a football stadium. There are no windows anywhere but there are strange drawings or writings that go around the waist of the ship. It's an almond shape craft and it slowly takes off, it made a light humming noise but no air blast or any disturbance. I'm watching it take off and it disappears into the white sky, I look back down and I see 3 beings that were standing on the other side of the ship. We were quite a distance apart from each other, I stand there just staring at them and they did the same. I move forward a couple steps and they did too, so I stopped and they stopped, they mimicked my movements. So I said "what the hell" and I continue to walk forward as did they, we're getting closer to each other and whatever they are, they're tall with silver metallic coats that go all the way down to their feet. These beings are walking with their hands behind their backs, their skin is light grey and no hair on their heads. We get within 5 yards from each other and we all stop, their eyes are the size of a grape fruit and a coral blue color. Small mouths and noses, I don't see any ears, all of a sudden the being in the middle extends his arm out and says "come with us". No words were spoken, it seems they communicate telepathically. It was strange because its physical voice was a slow, heavy pitch sounding hum but I could fully understand in my head.

After he invited me to follow them, we began to walk but there's nothing insight for miles and I'm wondering where the heck are we going? Within minutes of our saunter, a city appears out of thin air like someone removed a cloaking device from around it. Overwhelming to say the least, the first thing I could think of was "OH SHIT, where the hell did this come from!?" Each building was extremely large and square shaped structures, tall and short with very few window openings to see out of. Very simple and plain living which is surprising from such an advanced civilization, no ships or transportation vehicles flying through the air, it almost looks like an abandoned city from the stone ages. We continued to walk towards the city, I was getting ready to ask my first question but before I could, one of them said "your questions will be answered shortly". As we passed a building, the calligraphy on some of the walls are quite beautiful, it portrayed an Arabic writing with symbols of that sort. I don't see anyone else around to view a human being on their plane, maybe they bring visitors frequently.

We finally get to a building but it has no door, the being in the middle puts his hand out from left to right and a section of the wall creates an opening for us to walk through. We walk in to a large empty room like on the ship, the wall closes behind me and the three beings are standing across looking straight at me. It's kind of an awkward moment because I'm not sure what to do. Are we waiting for someone else? Are they going to do experiments on me or harvest my body? I'm sure they know what I'm thinking and no sooner after I formulated that though, the being on the left asks;

"What is your first question?"

"Ok, who are you?" I ask.

"We are Paleons, we are from a different galaxy far away from yours but still in the same universe." They replied.

"The same universe, but isn't there only ONE!?"

"Technically yes, but it is split into four different sections and governed by four different Gods."

I'm thinking to myself, WOW! You've got to be kidding me!? This is mind blowing already and that's only the first question. I take a deep breath:

"Whoa, ok so do you know who God is?" I asked.

"No we don't, we are beings created just like how your people were created. We have traveled all over this universe and have come in contact with thousands of different species. Some are more primitive than others and some are advanced as well. Interesting enough, almost every creature in the universe has a similar story of how their species was created. Life always begins with that One, who spawns the origin and life begins to spread."

I questioned, "So how do you know that there are 4 Gods?"

"In every galaxy, there are certain species that is at the top of the food chain sort of speak. In your galaxy, humans are the most advanced and in our galaxy, we are the top species. Our kind was the first of existence since the creation of this section of the universe. We do not have a concept of time so for it to make sense to you, we have been around for millions of years. We come from the very ground you are standing on in pods into full adults, we do not age, we do not procreate, there are 537 beings on this planet and we are able to use 100% of our brain. We live only to spread the knowledge of God and the universe. The 4 entities created everything, we are able to hear God's voice because we maintain our way of life without corruption or gain. Sin is how your world describes chaos, we are free of any wrong and we solely listen to God's voice. Every species has free will and the choice to listen and believe or not. Life is easy when you listen."

"Why couldn't we just listen?" I replied sarcastically.

"Every galaxy has different ways and rules to their existence. You are born, then you grow, then you die. Every creature in the universe has a different way of life, teachings are different, and God is interpreted differently. There is no right or wrong, if you truly believe, then God is in you." They explained.

"It's funny how most people on earth don't think that there are other forms of life in the universe." I said.

"It's also funny how your people think life began on earth," They said.

"Wait!? You mean life did not begin on earth? Where did we come from? And how did we get to earth?" I emphatically burst out.

As they began to tell me this mind blowing news, the being on the right stretched out both of its arms and a 3-D like planet was formed in front of me in mid-air to where I can see what they were about to explain.

"Life for humans began on the planet you call Mars. It was a lot like earth. Humans are not exactly a new species in terms of years. There was life on Mars for millions of years and humans were actually more peaceful and content, yet far more advanced then how earth is now. The average human being uses 15% to 18% of their brain in everyday life, and yes it's true that humans can use 100% of their brain but not all at once. Think about when you dream, how you're able to fly or do impossible things that you normally couldn't do awake. It's because when you sleep, you do not have the stress and you can tap into a part of your brain that has never been used before, but in your conscious state, so many things clutter the mind and you cannot focus directly on the possibilities of extraordinary. Man was able to do this long ago, the technology that was created would make the world you live in now look like you just discovered fire. Those who lived on Mars could use over 50% of their brain at once which helped them make strides as humans to explore other galaxies in the universe. We've even shown them technology that we use to make life easier but over time the idea of wanting to explore to dominate and take over other galaxies grew too large. Technology that could wipe out entire worlds was designed to eradicate species on planets if they did not conform to human ways. The Kaylors, who were just as advanced as early humans did not take lightly in this matter. When man tried to invade their home planet, there was a huge battle that was fought between the two worlds."


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