15 Minutes (FAME... Can You Take It?)

15 Minutes (FAME... Can You Take It?)

by Barry ManilowBarry Manilow




Barry Manilow's 15 Minutes is a powerful new album filled with all-original compositions. After having recorded six critically acclaimed albums of songs written by the greatest songwriters of all time -- from Gershwin to Bacharach -- Manilow returns at last to his true passion: songwriting. Manilow teams up with lyricist Enoch Anderson for this new work.

More than two years in the making and inspired by the Anyd Warhol quote that "In the future, everybody will be famous for fifteen minutes," this energetic and exciting guitar-driven pop album explores the perils and pinnacles of fame's double-edged sword.

"Fame and success are things we all strive for, and yet when we get it how do we behave? That question jumps out at us daily from magazine covers, TV news, and online gossip sites. In my world of entertainment, I've watched perfectly decent and talented people acheive the success they've been striving for only to crash and burn as their star rises.

"It happens in every walk of life, not only in the entertainment field; in sports, in politics, and in daily life when the assistant manager gets promoted at the grocery store. It's something that continues to fascinate us, and for me it represented an exciting musical journey to explore," explained Manilow.

Making a guest appearance on 15 Minutes is young Nataly Dawn, lead singer of the white-hot group Pomplamoose. Her rendition of "Letter From a Fan" is both innocent and eerie.

15 Minutes, produced by Manilow and Michael Lloyd, is a captivating tale of someone who acheives fame, blows it, and begins anew. From the Label

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Release Date: 06/14/2011
Label: Stiletto Ent.
UPC: 0874402009202
catalogNumber: 0001

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