105 Stretching Exercises for Women: One Minute Moves to Help You Get Limber, Stronger, Faster

105 Stretching Exercises for Women: One Minute Moves to Help You Get Limber, Stronger, Faster

by Amber O'Connor


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Stop Aches and Tight Muscles and Expand Your Flexibility with the Power of the Stretch Now

If you consider yourself 'flexibly challenged', you realise how stiffness can make even the most innocuous activities seem like hard work. And if you're an exerciser, you're aware that tight muscles can ruin workouts, plus strains, cramps and aches can be a royal pain in the 'you know where' (and a few other places too).

But by doing just a few short and simple stretching exercises throughout the day, you can significantly increase your flexibility, reduce aches, pains and injuries -- and make daily work and play much, much easier.

'105 Stretching Exercises for Women' is an easy to follow guide for those who want to expand their agility beyond what they can currently do -- and stay agile! Containing a wide selection of clearly illustrated moves, these stretching exercises can fit into short daily routines and best of all, can be done almost anywhere and at anytime of the day.

In our book you'll learn:

  • Which moves can help you quickly regain flexibility, limber up tense muscles and deeply target hamstrings, the back, calves and other key areas.
  • The best lower back stretches to help relieve pain -- as suggested by top medical experts.
  • Stretching for Beginners 101: a simple selection of whole body exercises, the where's, when's and how's, plus other tips and FAQs to help newbie stretchers get started.
  • The stealth bad habit we're all guilty of, why it's the biggest cause of most body pain woes, and the upper/lower body flexibility moves that can help relieve them.
  • Stretching for seniors and mid-lifers: simple routines to help you extend your range of motion and keep your limber at 50 and beyond!
  • Static and dynamic stretching: what's the difference, why the difference matters, when to do them and how to perform them.
  • How foam roller stretches can help relieve tension and soothe sore muscles, plus how to target your whole body with the right moves.
  • Why a powerful core is essential in minimizing the misery of back pain (and the stretches to use to keep your mid-section strong).
  • Daily morning, noon and bedtime stretching routines: Several gentle moves to help wake you up, perk you up and chill you out.
  • Post workout cramps and strains be gone! Avoid having to embarrassingly limp away from your workout routines by using these easy and effective warm up and cool down exercises.

So if you want to stop annoying aches and pains, discover how the power of the stretch can help shorten your healing time, and say yes to getting limber and stronger, get '105 Stretching Exercises for Women' today!

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