101 Ways to Love Your Job

101 Ways to Love Your Job

by Stephanie Davidson

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More Joy in Your Job!

People expect more out of their work now - not just a steady paycheck, but satisfaction and an opportunity to make a difference with others. Stephanie Goddard Davidson, author of 101 Ways to Have a Great Day at Work now shows you how to take your job and love it!

Easy to read and even easier to use, this power-packed little book will help you transform your work experience:

  • Techniques for career enjoyment through improving your skills and changing your perceptions
  • How what you wear can affect your internal motivation and shift your point of view to promote career happiness
  • Breakthrough techniques for doing your best work
  • Coaching yourself into a meaningful career
  • Developing your best work in only minutes a day
  • Surpassing expectations - your bosses' and your own
  • People skills and self-management

In her signature easy-to-read and easy-to-use style, Stephanie Davidson has written another book that will transform the workplace.


"A collection of simple yet powerful ideas to turn every workday into a great workday."
Jeff Anderson, Vice President of Product Management, Franklin Covey

"What a difference this book has made in my day-to-day productivity and stress levels."
Tricia Mathes, Vice President, NPS Staffing

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ISBN-13: 9781402231148
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Publication date: 10/01/2008
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 288
File size: 628 KB

About the Author

Stephanie Goddard Davidson (Raleigh, NC) is an expert in workplace communications and specializes in leadership and interpersonal skills training for companies such as MCI/Verizon, BellSouth, Nextel, and Rollins Protective Services. She frequently appears as a guest on radio programs and has published numerous articles. She lives in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Read an Excerpt

Excerpt from Section 1: Personal Mastery in the Workplace

Whatever you are, be a good one
Jobs are more than just paychecks. They are social arenas, spiritual workshops, developmental playgrounds, group therapy, and one of the best tools for learning about ourselves. Anyone who has ever been fi red from a job can tell you that this significant stressor was one of the best learning experiences of his life (albeit a painful one). Perhaps more importantly, when we are unhappy at work, we are unhappy at home, too. And when we love our work, we spread that feeling around when we aren't at work.

People can't separate the two most important facets of the human existence: work and love. When one is suffering, the other suffers. You're at work eight hours a day (minimum). You are doing it for a paycheck, sure, but that won't keep you particularly productive or satisfied. What you need to keep you energized, stress-free, motivated, happy, and loyal is more than just your paycheck.

Then what is the key to staying motivated day after day?

If you aren't sure if your life work is to make other's lives at least easier, then you are going to hit a wall at some point. In short, to make your work meaningful, you must see it through the eyes of working for the benefit of others. Much like volunteer work, except in this case you get paid.

For instance, I hope that what I do in my training classes makes a difference by the time my participants leave. My private goal is to ensure that they feel equipped to head back to work with a better understanding of how people tick, what ticks people off, and how to get results from themselves and others. Then, when applying these new skills back at their workplaces, this new way is modeled for customers, citizens, and even their families through example. Pipe dream? Maybe.

But it sure keeps me from hitting the snooze button nine times every morning.

Table of Contents


1. Whatever You Are, Be a Good One
2. Be a Good One Today
3. The Power of Habits
4. The Power of Habits in Action
5. The Power of Habits Maintained
6. How to De-Stress Right Now
7. Stress Can Be Managed, but Cured?
8. Stress Management Defined
9. Stress and Simplicity
10. Stress and Simplicity, Part II
11. Stress and Simplicity, Part III
12. Water's Role in Stress Management
13. No Random Thinking
14. No Random Thoughts
15. Affirmations Will Change Your Life
16. Affirmations vs. Positive Thinking
17. Affirmations Work
18. Get a New Groove
19. Getting a New Groove
20. Jingle All the Way
21. The Power of Negative Thinking
22. Let's Talk about Talk
23. Let's Talk about Me
24. Never Say Never
25. Visualize It and They Will Come
26. Anxiety Is Mental Clutter
27. Anxiety Relief
28. Balancing Act
29. Busy Bee, but No Time Free
30. Managing Projects... Managing Your Life?
31. Organizing and Time Management
32. Pride and Prejudice
33. Pride Keeps Prejudice Company
34. Pride and Prejudice Purified
35. Embarrassment at Work
36. Errors Are Great Teachers
37. To Err Is Human
38. Dealing with Failure
39. Dealing with Failure:
Get Out of Your Head and on Paper
40. Dealing with Failure:
Neither Fatal nor Final
41. Perfectionism
42. Perfection Repaired
43. Feeling Inferior... It's Your Choice
44. Feeling Inferior, Part II
45. Take This Job and Love It?

46. The Disease to Please
47. Are You Trying to Fix People?
48. Working on the Disease to Please

49. Do You Really Mean It?
50. Do You Really, Really Mean It?
51. The Mirror Exercise
52. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
53. Are You Buggin'?
54. A Different Kind of Body Language
55. Three Secret Weapons: Turning around a Bad Day at Work
56. Two More Secret Weapons: Turning around a Bad Day at Work
57. Communicating by Telephone:
"Are You Still There?"
58. Communicating by Telephone, Part II
59. The Handshake
60. Writing in the Workplace:
61. Writing in the Workplace:
Inform or Insult?
62. Meeting Irritations
63. Meeting Irritations: Terminal Cases
64. The Enemy of Excellence
65. Risk-Taking and Problem-Solving
66. Risk-Taking Insurance
67. It Is If You Say It Is, or the Power of Self Fulfilling Prophecy
68. The Truth about Gossip
69. I Stopped Gossiping... I Think
70. You Are Wrong!
71. Being Right: What Price Do You Really Pay?
72. Aggressive, Assertive, or Passive:
Which One Are You?
73. Being Assertive:
Communication's Goal
74. Being Assertive:
Communication's Goal, Part II
75. Being Assertive:
Word Choice Is Your Choice
76. Senseless Confrontation
77. Senseless Confrontation Alternatives
78. Don't Make Me Ask
79. Understanding Angry People
80. Using the Law of Entrainment
81. Where's Your Conflict Coming From?
82. Coworker, Thy Name Is Friend
83. Friends Are Not Optional
84. Balancing Pride with Humility
85. The Damage of Mistrust
86. Do I Have to Trust Everyone?
87. Your External Appearance
88. External Appearance Matters

89. Feedback: The Dirtiest Word in the Workplace
90. Feedback: How It's Done
91. Feedback: The Finer Points
92. Supervisors' Four Biggest Mistakes
93. Supervisors' Four Biggest Changes
94. Friends at Work?
95. The Gotcha! Style
96. Say Cheese!
97. Sentence Starters for Performance Feedback
98. Why People Leave Jobs
99. Give Credit Where Credit Is Due
100. Why Recognition Isn't Optional
101. Trust Yourself


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