101 Great Mail-Order Businesses, Revised 2nd Edition: The Very Best (and Most Profitable!) Mail-Order Businesses You Can Start with Li ttle or No Money

101 Great Mail-Order Businesses, Revised 2nd Edition: The Very Best (and Most Profitable!) Mail-Order Businesses You Can Start with Li ttle or No Money

by Tyler G. Hicks

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Make a Mint by Mail Order!
Sell computers, vitamins, clothing, or gourmet foods. Create and sell newsletters on almost any topic. Make and sell your favorite arts and crafts. Would you like to join the booming mail-order business? You can! Bestselling author Ty Hicks shows you how. You don’t need a lot of money, years of experience, or a college education—just a mailing address and the desire to deliver products and services quickly for the best value your customers can get. Ty Hicks explains in clear, easy steps how to start your mail-order business today, including:
·Getting started quickly and easily
·Creating an e-commerce Web site to promote and sell your products or services directly
·Using proven marketing and promotion strategies
·Carving niche markets with unusual products and services
·Expanding your business for maximum profitability
·And much, much more!

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ISBN-13: 9780307576194
Publisher: Crown Publishing Group
Publication date: 05/19/2010
Sold by: Random House
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 288
File size: 7 MB

About the Author

Tyler G. Hicks made his fortune in mail order, real estate, publishing, and other business endeavors. The president of International Wealth Success Inc., he is also the director of a large lending organization in New York City. He is the author of many bestselling small-business books, including Mail Order Success Secrets, How to Start Your Own Business on a Shoestring, and How to Get Rich on Other People’s Money (all from Prima).

Table of Contents

What This Book Can Do for You
1. Know Today's Multibillion Mail-Order Scene
See Why Mail Order is Such a Great Business
To Start, Let's Get Our Names Clear
Ten Ways to Make Mail-Order Millions Today
Get in on Today's Billion-Dollar Mail-Order Wealth
2. Pick Your Wealth-Building Product or Service
Select a Product You Like
Choose a Service to Sell by Mail Order
Now Let's Get YOU Started in Business
3. Printed Products Can Make You Rich—Soon
Books for the Billions—Both People and Dollars
Use Newsletters to Build Your Mail-Order Wealth
Sell Small Pamphlets to Make Big Money
Promote Cardboard Calculators by Mail
Sell Magazines by Mail and E-Commerce for Quick Profits
Get in on the Computer Boom—Sell Software
For Lowest Cost Mail Order, Try Recipes
Self-Improvement Courses Make Big Money Today
Sell Videos by Mail to Prosper Quickly
4. Serve Hungry People What They Want
Pick the Food You'd Like to Sell by Mail
Find a Supplier for Your Chosen Food
Isolate the Food Feature(s) You Want to Promote
Specialize Your Food Offers and Grow Fast
See What Real-Life Food Marketers Do by Mail Order
Expand Your Food Business As You Grow
5. Cater to Gadget Enthusiasts Everywhere
Get Gadget Alert Today
How, and Where, to Find Gadgets
How to Recognize the Sales Potential of Gadgets
Pick a Specialty Field for Your Gadgets
Start Selling Your Gadgets Today
6. Provide Convenience and Earn Big Profits
Pick the Convenience You'll Offer
Use Convenience Features to Ease Ordering from Your Firm
How to Set Up Your Convenience Features
Offer Convenience and Your Wealth Is Assured
7. Sell the Unusual by Mail
Decide on the Unusual Items or Services You'll Sell
Figure Out If You Can Sell Your Unusual Items
Unusual Services That Can Make Money for You
Pricing Your Unusual Product or Service
How to Promote, and Sell, Your Unusual Offer
8. Use Catalogs to Sell Year-Round
Catalogs Can Make Millions for You
Selling Fragrances from Home Gives Steady Work and Education
How to Start Your Mail-Order Catalog
Distribute Your Catalog and Make Sales
Get into the Business-to-Business Market
Expand Your Catalog Coverage and Distribution
Use Overseas Sales Agents for Your Catalog
Use a Catalog Distributor to Get Wider Circulation of Your Catalog
Believe Me When I Say: Catalogs Can Make You Rich!
What You Can Sell in Your Catalog
9. Make Services Make Your Mail-Order Wealth
Pick Your Moneymaking Service
Good Moneymaking Mail-Order Service Businesses
How to Make Big Money in Your Service Business
Find, or Develop, a Needed Service—Step 1
Figure Out How, Where, and To Whom You'll Sell Your Service—Step 2
Set Up Your Marketing Plan—Step 3
Estimate How Many Sales You Can Make—Step 4
Compute Your Total Cost of Doing Business—Step 5
Push Ahead to Your Service Business Success
More Service Businesses for You to Consider
10. Offbeat Services Can Bring in Big Cash
What Are Offbeat Services?
Profitable Offbeat Services for All BWBs
Develop Your Idea for an Offbeat Service
Decide How, and Where, You'll Sell Your Offbeat Service
Become the Leader in Your Field
11. Mail-Order Marketing Success Methods for Making You Rich
What's the Best Way to Sell My Product or Service When I First Start Up?
Which Is Better—a Display Ad or a Classified Ad?
How, and Where, Can I Get Ad Rates for Various Ad Outlets?
What Unusual Sales Methods Can I Use?
What Kind of Publicity Works Best for Products and Services?
Will Electronic Marketing Pay Off Today?
Will Full-Page Ads Pay Off for Me?
Are Newspaper Ads Good for My Product or Service?
Should I Ask for Money in a Classified Ad?
Do I Need an Advertising Agency to Place My Ads?
What Percentage Return Can I Expect from Various Types of Ads?
How, and Where, Can I Find a Good Printer for My Mailing Pieces and Ads?
Should I Produce My Own Ad Materials?
Will "Package Inserts" Work for My Product or Service?
Will Postcard Mailings Work for Me?
When Should I Stop Marketing My Product or Service?
Should I Try to Market to Overseas Customers?
What Parts of the World are Good for International Marketing?
12. Profitable Tips for Running Your Mail-Order Business Today
See How Simple This Great Business Is
Start Your Records at the Beginning
Keep Careful Track of Your Income
Ship Your Product or Deliver Your Service Quickly
Know and Use the Free Supplies and Help from the U.S. Postal Service
Get Paid BEFORE You Ship
Use Credit Cards to Speed Your Sales
Never Be Afraid of Overseas Sales
Twenty-Four Profit-Making Tips for Your Mail-Order Business
Get Started Making Your Mailbox Millions Today
13. Sell on the Internet to Prosper in Today's Direct-Marketing and E-Commerce Gold Rush
Know What the Internet Can Do for You
How to Get Started Selling on the Internet
Smart Ways to Sell on the Internet at Low Cost
Don't Desert "Snail Mail"—Yet!
Real-Life Examples of Riches on the Internet
Your Action Plan for Making Big Money on the Internet
Your List of More Than 101 Great Mail-Order Wealth Opportunities
Profit-Building Tools From Tyler Hicks' International Wealth Success Library

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