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100 MOMENTS POLAND: A Virtual Travel Guide

100 MOMENTS POLAND: A Virtual Travel Guide

by Christopher Skutela Ph.D.


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* Do you want to know why Poland may be called "the Heart of Europe?"

* Do you want precious hints and suggestions for What to see? But also, Why? and How?

* Do you want access to unique reflections and experiences concerning Poland?

* Do you want the key to Polish culture and mentality?

* Do you want to enjoy a deeper comprehension of travel itself?

* Do you want to see meaningful pictures and read poetic travel impressions?

* Do you want to travel with your heart and mind open and always with a smile on your face?

Enjoy new discoveries in this not-typical virtual travel guide through Poland and Polishness!

Christopher Skutela, Ph.D., is a Doctor of Philosophy of Travel and well-known, highly-awarded Private Guide. For the last 15 years, he has built his travel company based in Poland.

Christopher has guided many VIPs, politicians, actors, directors, professors, owners of global companies, and visitors from all over the world. Plentiful and memorable dialogues became the source of many reflections presented in this book.

Additionally, Christopher has travelled to many countries across four continents, meandering through the history and cultures of the world, and contemplating contemporary problems, senses and values.

All of this and more is reflected in the book "100 Moments," an intimate and very interesting focus and look at Poland.

In an easy-to-read, short travel essays, enriched with beautiful and meaningful pictures, Christopher speaks of places, people, situations, events, customs, traditions, trends, styles, and expectations that you can observe and develop a relationship with while travelling. You will learn about Polish history, culture, nature, religion, politics, society and economy in a very condensed and to-the-point form. At the same time, you will gain access to deeper reflections and questions about very important issues facing Poland, Central Europe, and ourselves.

As a man of travel, lecturer, guide, practical and pragmatic tour operator and businessman, as a philosopher and poet, Christopher combines down-to-earth suggestions with ideas and ideals for enhancing your travel experience and the excitement of discovery.

Finally, while reading this book, together, we may partake in an intellectual and very joyful journey cultivating deeper comprehension of Where we are and Who we are.

You are always most welcomed! And I look forward to meeting you! Christopher Skutela

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