100 Hits: The Best Nineties Album

100 Hits: The Best Nineties Album


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Release Date: 09/28/2018
Label: 100 Hits
UPC: 0654378722325
catalogNumber: 8722325
Rank: 5767


Disc 1

  1. No Scrubs
  2. If You Had My Love
  3. I Want You Back
  4. You Make Me Wanna...
  5. She's Got That Vibe
  6. Shy Guy
  7. Freak Me
  8. I've Got a Little Something for You
  9. Right Here
  10. Breathe Again
  11. Back & Forth
  12. Gone Till November
  13. I Wish
  14. It's Like That
  15. Insane in the Brain
  16. Summertime
  17. Jump
  18. Here Comes the Hotstepper
  19. Shine
  20. Mr. Loverman

Disc 2

  1. ...Baby One More Time
  2. Livin' la Vida Loca
  3. One Night in Heaven
  4. Everybody (Backstreet's Back)
  5. Keep On Movin'
  6. Tearin' up My Heart
  7. Waterfalls
  8. Tragedy
  9. Each Time
  10. Let Me In
  11. I Quit
  12. Be the First to Believe
  13. Step by Step
  14. (We Want) The Same Thing
  15. Let's Get Ready To Rhumble
  16. Macarena
  17. Mambo No.5 (A Little Bit Of...)
  18. C'est La Vie
  19. Flying Without Wings
  20. Un-break My Heart

Disc 3

  1. Things Can Only Get Better
  2. Moving on Up
  3. I'm Every Woman
  4. No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)
  5. One for Sorrow
  6. All 'Bout the Money
  7. I Want It That Way
  8. Got the Feelin'
  9. Hangin' Tough
  10. The Real Thing
  11. Angel of Mine
  12. Anything
  13. Nobody Knows
  14. Delicate
  15. Hey Now (Girls Just Want to Have Fun)
  16. Everlasting Love
  17. When a Man Loves a Woman
  18. I Have a Dream
  19. Unchained Melody
  20. Promise Me

Disc 4

  1. Virtual Insanity
  2. Torn
  3. Steal My Sunshine
  4. You & Me Song
  5. Lucky You
  6. Movin' on Up
  7. Waterfall
  8. Motorcycle Emptiness
  9. Place Your Hands
  10. Ready to Go
  11. Sale of the Century
  12. Female Of The Species
  13. Two Princes
  14. Twist and Shout
  15. Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover
  16. Angel
  17. Sunday Shining
  18. Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm
  19. Runaway Train
  20. Lullaby

Disc 5

  1. Needin' U (I Needed U')
  2. I See You Baby (Fatboy Slim Radio Edit)
  3. Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)
  4. It's Gonna Be A Lovely Day
  5. A Deeper Love
  6. Remember Me
  7. Never Gonna Let You Go
  8. Everybody's Free (To Feel Good)
  9. U Sure Do
  10. The Key, The Secret
  11. You're Not Alone
  12. Don't You Want Me
  13. Hideaway
  14. God Is a DJ
  15. Children
  16. Original
  17. Infinity
  18. Winter in July
  19. Baker Street
  20. I've Been Thinking About You

Album Credits

Technical Credits

Bob Marley   Composer
Babyface   Composer
Chris Kenner   Composer
Gerry Rafferty   Composer
Keith Sweat   Composer
Bill Withers   Composer
Bernie Worrell   Composer
Marlena Shaw   Composer
Richard Evans   Composer
Lance Ellington   Composer
Guru Josh   Composer
Paul Jabara   Composer
Sarah McLachlan   Composer
Desmond Child   Composer
Mac Gayden   Composer
Robin Gibb   Composer
Robert Hazard   Composer
Phil Hurtt   Composer
Bruce Roberts   Composer
Ellen Shipley   Composer
Philippe Wynne   Composer
Phil Thornalley   Composer
Pérez Prado   Composer
Sophie B. Hawkins   Composer
Anne Dudley   Composer
Barry Gibb   Composer
Buzz Cason   Composer
David Morales   Composer
Saffron   Composer
R. Kelly   Composer
Tracie Ackerman   Composer
Donna Allen   Composer
Benny Andersson   Composer
Nick Ashford   Composer
Neil Barnes   Composer
Chris Barron   Composer
Ronald Bell   Composer
Benito Benites   Composer
John Bettis   Composer
James Dean Bradfield   Composer
Richard Breen   Composer
Ian Broudie   Composer
Durron Butler   Composer
Colin Campsie   Composer
Douglas Carr   Composer
George Chandler   Composer
George Clinton   Composer
Robert Clivillés   Composer
David Cole   Composer
Scott Cutler   Composer
Paul Daley   Composer
Ian Devaney   Composer
Jermaine Dupri   Composer
Alvin Flythe   Composer
Brinsley Forde   Composer
Tony "Gad" Robinson   Composer
Angus Gaye   Composer
Maurice Gibb   Composer
Bobby Gillespie   Composer
Terry Hall   Composer
Toni Halliday   Composer
Paul Heard   Composer
Jimmy Helms   Composer
Trevor Horn   Composer
Andrew Innes   Composer
Derek Jenkins   Composer
Emeridge Jones   Composer
Ini Kamoze   Composer
Jason Kay   Composer
Tim Kellett   Composer
Diana King   Composer
Gary King   Composer
Harry King   Composer
Malcolm McLaren   Composer
Andy Marvel   Composer
Darryl McDaniels   Composer
Robert "Spike" Mickens   Composer
Josh Milan   Composer
Sean Moore   Composer
Elvio Moratto   Composer
Brian Alexander Morgan   Composer
Lawrence Muggerud   Composer
Alex North   Composer
Rick Nowels   Composer
Organized Noize   Composer
Alan Osmond   Composer
Wayne Osmond   Composer
Lou Pace   Composer
Ricky Persi   Composer
Mike Pickering   Composer
Steve Porcaro   Composer
Denniz Pop   Composer
Travon Potts   Composer
Dwayne Richardson   Composer
Brad Roberts   Composer
Juliet Roberts   Composer
Skip Scarborough   Composer
Garry Shider   Composer
Guy Sigsworth   Composer
Tim Simenon   Composer
Valerie Simpson   Composer
Toby Smith   Composer
David Spradley   Composer
Lisa Stansfield   Composer
Maurice Starr   Composer
Dennis "D.T." Thomas   Composer
Björn Ulvaeus   Composer
Diane Warren   Composer
Richard Westfield   Composer
Mark White   Composer
Reginald White   Composer
Andrew Wright   Composer
Hy Zaret   Composer
Stuart Zender   Composer
Tina Moore   Composer
Shawn Mullins   Composer
Lolly Vegas   Composer
Aaron Comess   Composer
Rodney Jerkins   Composer
Eric Schenkman   Composer
Tim Cox   Composer
Loretta Heywood   Composer
Ian Brown   Composer
T.J. Jackson   Composer
Bobby Miller   Composer
Joe Rich   Composer
John Squire   Composer
Louise Wener   Composer
Merrill Osmond   Composer
Cheri Williams   Composer
Space   Composer
Hopeton Lindo   Composer
Ricky Ross   Composer
Robi Rosa   Composer
Wyclef Jean   Composer
Tommie Ford   Composer
Taryll Jackson   Composer
Max Martin   Composer
Christina Bergmark   Composer
Jack Bessant   Composer
Lex Blackmore   Composer
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Tim Dorney   Composer
Dominic Greensmith   Composer
Kenwyn House   Composer
Maxi Jazz   Composer
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Finley Quaye   Composer
Matt Cantor   Composer
Andy Gardner   Composer
Nigel Swanston   Composer
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Steve Mac   Composer
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Royce Octavius Murray   Composer
M. Taylor   Composer
James Catto   Composer
Fredrik Schonfeidt   Composer

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