10 A Brief Analysis of The Ten Commandments of Almighty God

10 A Brief Analysis of The Ten Commandments of Almighty God


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What is the purpose of the Ten Commandments? What is significant about each one? Where is Mount Sinai? How far is it from the Red Sea? How many days did it take God to appear to the people and give Moses the Ten Commandments? Why did Aaron make a golden calf and not something else? Why did God want to destroy the Hebrews before they had even recieved the stone tablets? Who wrote the Laws on the tablets? What does it mean when scripture says Moses was "horned"? Do the Ten Commandments have any meaning today?
This commentary answers those questions and more providing an analysis of each Commandment and describing the process by which God contracts with the Hebrews to make them His own forever. It is a dramatic story, about which, most are only familiar with a few key elements. For example, most people probably don't realize that at one point Moses was in line to become Pharaoh of Egypt.
This analysis offers some additional background and explanation in an attempt to enhance the scriptural narrative of one small, but important moment in the development of Judaism and Christianity. It also offers commentary on the meaning of the commandments as they apply in a modern world filled with wonders and issues that didn't exist, or could be imagined in Moses time.

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