1 and 2 Corinthians: A Study Guide for LIFE

1 and 2 Corinthians: A Study Guide for LIFE

by James K. Crews


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The epistle of Paul that we know as 1 Corinthians is a letter to a church in trouble. One of the believers in Corinth wrote Paul asking a series of questions about the lack of unity, sex and marriage, eating meat that had been sacrificed to idols, the use and misuse of spiritual gifts, women in the church, contention in their love feasts and the resurrection of the dead.
The letter revealed a church that was deeply flawed, but Paul answered with characteristic graciousness. He corrected their errors and, even though some of their problems were cultural and specific to Corinth, he provided deep and comprehensive explanations for the advice he gave.
These discussions helps us think deeply about these issues in light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Paul's answers are just as pertinent and applicable to the church today as they were to ancient Corinth. In both cases, Paul's and ours, the customs of antagonistic cultures have forced their way into the life and practices of the Church and Christian believers.
After the church received Paul's first letter, they were visited by other false teachers who criticized Paul and began leading the church astray. This prompted Paul to send them a second letter in which he explained his philosophy of ministry, and discussed such ministerial concerns as freedom, personal rights and financial giving. He expressed his concern for those who were trapped in a lifestyle of sin and enumerated godly principles as to how believers should live in a time of persecution.
Paul presents himself as a servant of Christ and a true apostle. He is a model for the believer aspiring to excellence in Christian service. Second Corinthians is the deepest and most personal letter that we have from Paul.
This Study Guide for LIFE is a perfect companion to explain difficult portions of Paul's letters, to focus the reader's attention on what Paul really said and to expand that teaching into practical application. Study Guides for LIFE are ideally suited for use by individuals and small groups. Both the beginning believer and the professional minister will benefit from these guides.
This Study Guide for LIFE offers three specific tools: 1) explanatory notes which offer insight into difficult or controversial passages; 2) searching questions which direct you back to the text for answers, and 3) probing questions that expand the context, and challenge you to apply the truths in these books to your own culture. Our goal is that you will know what the text says, what it means and will be able to apply it to your own situation appropriately.
Through these tools, you will discover and understand the purpose, power and passion of Paul and the proper functioning of the New Testament church. It is our hope that you will be able to use these discoveries to fine-tune your Christian experience and enhance your own intimacy with Jesus Christ and the unique expression of His life in you.
The Study Guide is appropriate for the study efforts of individuals, small groups or teachers preparing to explain these letters. Whether you are a curious seeker or a professional minister, the Study Guide for LIFE will direct your studies into the efforts of the apostles as they continue the work of Christ to establish His church. May it also stir your own heart to expand the influence of Christ in yourself, your circle of friends and into the uttermost parts of the earth. For in this day Jesus is purifying the church and gathering in the last of the lost in anticipation of His soon return to establish His Kingdom on earth.

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About the Author

James K. Crews, B-Th, MA-Th, (he prefers "Jim") is an ordained minister who has served as Bible teacher, church leader, missionary, international conference speaker, author and academic dean of a Bible college. He's done all those things, but that's not who he is. He's basically your shy, analytical kind of guy who sees himself as a follower of Jesus, one who has spent his life studying God's Word and getting to know Him. He has assembled a lifetime of learning to create the Study Guides for LIFE to point believers toward Jesus so they can also know Him and make Him known.
His theology is thoroughly conservative, evangelical, charismatic and Wesleyan. His study guides strive for unity in the body of Christ and a dependency on the Scriptures rather than on denominational dogma. With theology degrees from both the Independent Assemblies of God and a conservative Baptist seminary, he presents both sides of conflicting views. His goal is to expand the readers' awareness of the issues while directing them to the Scriptures and the father-heart of God so they can develop their own understanding and conclusions.

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