1-2-3 Magic for Christian Parents Workbook: Effective Discipline for Children 2-12

1-2-3 Magic for Christian Parents Workbook: Effective Discipline for Children 2-12

by Thomas W. Phelan, Chris Webb


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This companion workbook to 1-2-3 Magic for Christian Parents takes parents carefully through the program to immediately manage troublesome behavior with reason, patience, and Christian compassion. This successful, straightforward program has guided parents through the difficult task of raising competent and happy children for more than 20 years and shows mothers and fathers how to achieve three crucial parenting objectives—controlling obnoxious behavior, encouraging good behavior, and strengthening the parent-child relationship. Special exercises and biblical references highlight the Christian point of view, and each workbook chapter contains a summary, questions about the content, case studies, troubleshooting exercises, and wrap-up bullets. In addition to providing material for parents, this guide includes curricula and activities for group leaders, teachers, and pastors as well as tactics for addressing the challenges that commonly arise when trainers teach the method in group environments. Extensive reference and resource sections also suggest further research and follow-up study.

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ISBN-13: 9781889140452
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Publication date: 06/22/2011
Pages: 216
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About the Author

Thomas W. Phelan, PhD, is a member of the Illinois and American Psychological Associations and the author of 1-2-3 Magic, All About Attention Deficit Disorder, and Surviving Your Adolescents. He lives in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. Chris Webb, MS, MA, is a national certified counselor and an associate pastor at First Baptist Church in Jackson, Mississippi.

Table of Contents

Preface i

Introduction / Lisa's Story 1

Section I

Part I Thinking Straight

1 Following God's Example 13

2 Your Three Parenting Jobs 17

3 The Little Adult Assumption 21

4 The Two Biggest Discipline Mistakes 25

Part II Controlling Obnoxious Behavior (Job #1)

5 Counting: Simple But Not Easy! 29

6 Frequently Asked Questions 33

7 Out in Public 37

8 Sibling Rivalry, Tantrums and Pouting 41

9 Getting Started with Counting 45

Part III Managing Kids' Testing and Manipulation

10 The Six Kinds of Testing and Manipulation 49

11 Counting in Action 53

12 More Serious Offenses in Tweens 57

Part IV Encouraging Good Behavior (Job #2)

13 Establishing Positive Routines 61

14 Up and Out in the Morning 65

15 Cleaning Up and Chores 69

16 Suppertime 73

17 Homework 77

18 Going to Bed-And Staying There! 81

Part V Strengthening Your Relationship With Your Children (Job #3)

19 Sympathetic Listening 85

20 Real Magic: One-On-One Fun 89

21 When Can You Talk? 93

22 Solving Problems Together 97

23 Kids, Tweens and Tech 101

Part VI Enjoying Your New Family Life

24 Staying on the Wagon 105

25 Your New Life 109

Section II

1-2-3 Magic in Action Illustrated Stories and Questions 113

Counting Obnoxious Behavior The Case of the Temper Tantrum Terrorist 114

Sibling Rivalry The Incredible Case of the Traveling Troublemakers 138

Encouraging Positive Routines The Case of Bedlam at Bedtime 146

Sympathetic Listening The Case of the Fickle Friends 156

Appendix: Further Readings & Resources 165

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