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Title: Greyson (Hell's Harlem, #1), Author: J.M. Walker
Title: Harlem, Author: Eric Jerome Dickey
Title: Imaginarium (A Science Fiction And Fantasy Trio), Author: Dima Zales
Title: The Crew (King's Harlots/Hell's Harlem Series Boxed Set), Author: J.M. Walker
Title: Trio for Blunt Instruments (Nero Wolfe Series), Author: Rex Stout
Title: Midnight Quill Trio, Author: Emily Larkin
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Title: Harlem Hex, Author: Thomas Green
Title: Sin, Repent, Repeat (Ironash, #1), Author: A. J. Harlem
Title: Tray (Hell's Harlem, #2), Author: J.M. Walker
Title: A Stainless Steel Trio, Author: Harry Harrison
Title: Anything For Him, Author: Lily Harlem
Title: Escaping the Racism of Low Expectations, Author: Barbara from Harlem
Title: Evangeline's Power Trio, Author: Anna Lores
Title: A Rage in Harlem, Author: Chester Himes
Title: The Game Changer, Author: L.M. Trio
Title: Harlem Renaissance, Author: Nathan Irvin Huggins
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Title: Catch (Hell's Harlem, #3), Author: J.M. Walker
Title: The Game Changer: The Final Score, Author: L.M. Trio
Title: Treble, Author: Wendi Zwaduk
Title: The X Trios, No. 2 (Uncensored), Author: Mario Nucci

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