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Title: Goodbye Leederville Oval: History of West Perth Cheer Squad 1984-86, Author: Kieran James
Title: Cheer Up!: British Musical Films, 1929-1945, Author: Adrian Wright
Title: Bottoms up, Borodino!: A YearBook of Cheer, Author: Jonathon Brown
Title: The Demilitarization of American Diplomacy: Two Cheers for Striped Pants, Author: L. Pope
Title: Cheerleading Basics, Author: Sara Green
Title: Cheers: A Cultural History, Author: Joseph J. Darowski
Title: Russian Optimism: Dark Nursery Rhymes To Cheer You Right Up, Author: Ben Rosenfeld
Title: Stunting: A Cheer Technique Book, Author: Glenn Kingsbury
Title: Calm the Fuck Down and Cheer the Fuck Up: Art Therapy for Anxiety and Depression, Author: Margaret  MacLean
Title: Cheering On The World: The New You, Author: Cheyene M. Lopez
Title: Beyond Cheering and Bashing: New Perspectives on the Closing of the American Mind, Author: William K. Buckley
Title: The PRAYERS of Pumpkinheads!: (Even God Needs a Little Humor to Cheer himself Up!), Author: Worldwide People's Revolution!
Title: Harrington: A Story of True Love. by the Author of What Cheer ., Author: William Douglas O'Connor

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