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Title: The Culture of Silence: Architecture's Fifth Dimension / Edition 1, Author: Malcolm William Quantrill
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Title: The Cosmology of Extra Dimensions and Varying Fundamental Constants: A JENAM 2002 Workshop Porto, Portugal 3-5 September 2002 / Edition 1, Author: Carlos Martins
Title: Historical and Philosophical Dimensions of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science: Part Four of the Proceedings of the Fifth International Congress of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science, London, Ontario, Canada-1975 / Edition 1, Author: Robert E. Butts
Title: Hydrological Dimensioning and Operation of Reservoirs: Practical Design Concepts and Principles / Edition 1, Author: I.V. Nagy
Title: Stochastic PDE's and Kolmogorov Equations in Infinite Dimensions: Lectures given at the 2nd Session of the Centro Internazionale Matematico Estivo (C.I.M.E.)held in Cetraro, Italy, August 24 - September 1, 1998 / Edition 1, Author: N.V. Krylov
Title: Design to Cost / Edition 1, Author: Jack V. Michaels
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Title: Combinatorial Dynamics And Entropy In Dimension One (2nd Edition) / Edition 2, Author: Luis Alseda
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Title: Geographical Dimensions of Energy / Edition 1, Author: F.J. Calzonetti
Title: Statistical Analysis of Observations of Increasing Dimension / Edition 1, Author: V.L. Girko
Title: Differential and Difference Dimension Polynomials / Edition 1, Author: Alexander V. Mikhalev
Title: Stochastic Cauchy Problems in Infinite Dimensions: Generalized and Regularized Solutions / Edition 1, Author: Irina V. Melnikova
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