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Title: Hitler's War Machine: Luftwaffe Combat Reports, Author: Bob Carruthers
Title: Hitler's War Machine: Panzer Combat Reports, Author: Bob Carruthers
Title: Sioux War Dispatches: Reports from the Field, 1876-1877, Author: Marc H. Abrams
Title: War in Korea: The Report of a Woman Combat Correspondent, Author: Marguerite Higgins
Title: War in Korea: Marguerite Higgins Reports from the Front Lines, Author: Marguerite Higgins
Title: Winston Churchill Reporting: Adventures of a Young War Correspondent, Author: Simon Read
Title: After Action Report: Poems of the Vietnam War, Author: John Owen Lally
Title: Defeating Hitler: Whitehall's Secret Report On Why Hitler Lost the War, Author: Paul Winter
Title: The Republican War against Women: An Insider's Report from Behind the Lines, Author: Tanya Melich
Title: Dispatches from the Pacific: The World War II Reporting of Robert L. Sherrod, Author: Ray E. Boomhower
Title: Modernism and the Professional Architecture Journal: Reporting, Editing and Reconstructing in Post-War Europe, Author: Torsten Schmiedeknecht
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Title: Obedient Unto Death: A Panzer-Grenadier of the Leibstandarte-SS Adolf Hitler Reports, Author: Werner Kindler
Title: Auschwitz Report, Author: Primo Levi
Title: Personal Justice Denied: Report of the Commission on Wartime Relocation and Internment of Civilians, Author: Commission on Wartime Relocation and Internment of Civilians
Title: The Battle of Jutland: History's Greatest Sea Battle: Told Through Newspaper Reports, Official Documents and the Accounts of Those Who Were There, Author: Richard H Osborne
Title: Reporting World War II Vol. 1: American Journalism 1938-1944, Author: Samuel Hynes
Title: U.S. Navy at War, 1941-1945: Official Reports to the Secretary of the Navy, Author: Ernest J King
Title: Reporting World War II: The 75th Anniversary Edition 2C BOX SET: American Journalism 1938-1946, Author: Samuel Hynes
Title: Report for Duty: Memoirs & Photos of a World War II Veteran, Author: Forrest A. Thornton
Title: FUI: How to Design User Interfaces for Film and Games: Featuring tips and advice from artists that worked on: Minority Report, The Avengers, Star Trek, Interstellar, Iron Man, Star Wars, The Dark Tower, Black Mirror and more, Author: Jono Yuen

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