Title: Conjuring Destiny (Brides of Prophecy, #3), Author: Brooklyn Ann
Title: Conjuring (Magic & Alchemy, #2), Author: Ciara Graves
Title: A Class of Conjuring, Author: Evie Wilde
Title: Lynna's Destiny (Curse of the Conjure Woman, Book Three), Author: Kitty Margo
Title: Mr. Conjure, Author: S.A. Hunter
Title: Conjuring Affection (Coven of the North Star, #1), Author: Elizabeth Davis
Title: Jerica's Pirate (Curse of the Conjure Woman, Book Five), Author: Kitty Margo
Title: Lynna's Promise (Curse of the Conjure Woman, Book Two), Author: Kitty Margo
Title: Conjuring Max, Author: Carolyn Crane
Title: Lynna's Beau (Curse of the Conjure Woman, Book One), Author: Kitty Margo
Title: Conjuring Royals, Godly Games, Author: Jamie Magee
Title: The Conjure Woman, Author: Charles Waddell Chesnutt
Title: Dark Conjurings: A Short Fiction Horror Anthology, Author: Delia Remington
Title: Conjure Tales and Stories of the Color Line, Author: Charles W. Chesnutt
Title: Alley Cat (Cats & Conjure, #4), Author: Asha King
Title: Cat's in the Cradle (Cats & Conjure), Author: Asha King
Title: Cats & Conjure Volume One, Author: Asha King
Title: Tales of Conjure and The Color Line: 10 Stories, Author: Charles Waddell Chesnutt
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Title: Cats in Heat, Author: Asha King
Title: The Conjuring, Author: N.K. Aning

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