Title: What the Fact?!: A Daily Trivia Almanac of 365 Strange Days in History, Author: Gabe Henry
Title: Strange Days, Author: Constantine J. Singer
Title: Strange Days, Dangerous Nights: Photos from the Speed Graphic Era, Author: Larry Millett
Title: Doctor Strange Vol. 2: The Last Days of Magic, Author: Jason Aaron
Title: Strange Days: Aliens, Adventurers, Devils, and Dames, Author: Arnie Fenner
Title: The Strange Planet: To Find a Bride in 15 days, Author: Jane S. G. Kostman
Title: The Collected Strange & Science Fiction of H. G. Wells: Volume 5-A Modern Utopia & In the Days of the Comet, Author: H. G. Wells
Title: Stir Crazy in Kazakhstan: One Person's Experience, Coping with Living and Working in a Strange Environment Where Normal, Day to Day Activities Can Turn Out to Be Monumental in Their Execution and Where Any Comfort Zones Are Hard to Find!, Author: Katy Warner