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Title: Southern Voice, Artist: Tim McGraw
Title: Voices of Southern Africa, Artist: Insingizi
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Title: Anna: The Letters of a St. Simons Island Plantation Mistress, 1817-1859, Author: Melanie Pavich
Title: The Diary of Dolly Lunt Burge, 1848-1879, Author: Dolly Lunt Burge
Paperback $15.47 $30.95 Current price is $15.47, Original price is $30.95.
Title: The Last of the Southern Girls: A Novel, Author: Willie Morris
Title: Voices from a Southern Prison, Author: Lloyd C. Anderson
NOOK Book $26.49 $29.95 Current price is $26.49, Original price is $29.95.
Title: Voice Of A Southern Boy, Author: Doug Brewer
Title: Jezebel's Got the Blues...And Other Works of Imagination: A Collection of Monologues and Dialogues Inspired by the Old Testament, Told with a Southern Voice and Tinged with the Blues., Author: Merrill Farnsworth
Title: G.R.I.T.S. - Girls Raised In the South: An Anthology of Southern Queer Womyns' Voices and Their Allies, Author: Jaki Shelton Green
Title: Voice of Southern Labor: Radio, Music, and Textile Strikes, 1929-1934 / Edition 1, Author: University Of Minnesota Press
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Title: Mobilizing a Great Commission Church for Harvest: Voices and Views from the Southern Baptist Professors of Evangelism Fellowship, Author: Thomas P. Johnston
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Title: There is a Fountain: Voices and Stories of an Old-Time Southern Camp Meeting, Author: Dale Wiley
Title: Shadows on My Heart: The Civil War Diary of Lucy Rebecca Buck of Virginia, Author: Lucy Rebecca Buck
Title: Memories of a Georgia Teacher: Fifty Years in the Classroom, Author: Martha Mizell Puckett
Title: Voices from the Soviet Edge: Southern Migrants in Leningrad and Moscow, Author: Jeff Sahadeo
Title: Voices From the Hills: Selected Readings of Southern Appalachia / Edition 1, Author: Robert Higgs
Title: Voices of Our Mountain Kin: Folklore and Traditions from the Southern Appalachian Mountains, Author: Jerry Owen
Title: Such As Us: Southern Voices of the Thirties / Edition 1, Author: Tom E. Terrill
Paperback $38.66 $39.95 Current price is $38.66, Original price is $39.95.
Title: The Ju/'hoan San of Nyae Nyae and Namibian Independence: Development, Democracy, and Indigenous Voices in Southern Africa / Edition 1, Author: Megan Biesele
Title: Human Rights, Southern Voices: Francis Deng, Abdullahi An-Na'im, Yash Ghai and Upendra Baxi, Author: William Twining
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