Title: Slim's Second Chance (Phantom Bastards MC, #2), Author: Erin Osborne
Title: Slim's Good-bye, Author: John R. Erickson
Title: Slim's Table: Race, Respectability, and Masculinity / Edition 2, Author: Mitchell Duneier
Title: Slim's Burma Boys, Author: John Hill
Title: The Corner (Slim's Revenge), Author: Alex Herman Richardson
Title: Slim's Last Stand, Author: Carol Lynn Stoffel
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The Next Chapter: Prepare Your Shelf
Title: Amarillo Slim's Play Poker to Win: Million Dollar Strategies from the Legendary World Series of Poker Winner, Author: Amarillo Slim Preston
Title: End Game Burma 1945: Slim's Masterstroke at Meikila, Author: Michael Pearson
Title: Sedentary Nation: The answers aren't found in the new millennium, they're in 1910: Sifu Slim's Guide to Getting Off the Sofa, Author: Sifu Slim