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Title: Vietnam Mekong Delta Scrapbook: 3rd Platoon, C-Company, 6th/31st, 9th Infantry 1968-1969, Author: Jim Akers
Title: Look Again: A Novella, Author: Marliss Melton
Title: Strike Back: A Novella in the Echo Platoon Series, Author: Marliss Melton
Title: Our Vietnam War: The Story of 1st Platoon, Alpha Company, 7th Marines in Vietnam 1969-1970, Author: T. S. Miller Marine
Title: Military Police : 2nd Platoons Version, Author: James Walker
Title: Penal Platoon, Author: Jay Merson
Title: Army Techniques Publication ATP 3-20.15 MCRP 3-10B.1 Tank Platoon July 2019, Author: United States Government Us Army
Title: Field Manual FM 3-21.8 (FM 7-8) The Infantry Rifle Platoon and Squad March 2007, Author: United States Government US Army
Title: The Book of Frank: ISIS and the Archangel Platoon, Author: Walt Browning
Title: World War II Infantry Tactics: Squad and Platoon, Author: Stephen Bull
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Title: Infantry Combat: The Rifle Platoon, Author: John F Antal (Ret).
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Title: Finding My Platoon Brothers: Vietnam Then and Now, Author: Glyn Haynie
Title: The Combined Action Platoons: The U.S. Marines' Other War in Vietnam, Author: Michael Peterson
Title: Platoon, Author: Dale A. Dye
Title: The Stryker Brigade Combat Team Infantry Battalion Reconnaissance Platoon (FM 3-21.94), Author: Department of the Army
Title: Operations of the 37-mm Gun Platoon, 26th Infantry, 1st Division, Oct. 1-12, 1918, Author: Jeorge J. Forster
Title: Reconnaissance Platoon Field Manual ATP 3-20.98, Author: Taylor Anderson
Title: Platoon Leader, Author: James R. McDonough
Title: X Platoon, Author: Steve Heaney
Title: Training Circular TC 3-20.15 Tank Platoon Collective Task Publication July 2013, Author: United States Government US Army

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