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Title: Red Platoon: A True Story of American Valor, Author: Clinton Romesha
Title: Black Hearts: One Platoon's Descent into Madness in Iraq's Triangle of Death, Author: Jim Frederick
Title: Army Techniques Publication ATP 3-21.8 INFANTRY PLATOON AND SQUAD Change 1 August 2016, Author: United States Government US Army
Title: Infantry Training Vol I - Infantry Platoon Weapons - Pamphlet No 2 - Fieldcraft (All Arms) 1954, Author: Various
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Title: Operation of Military Police Platoon, 1st Infantry Division, in the Establishment of the Omaha Beachhead, 6 June 1944, Author: Charles M. Conover
Title: A Platoon Leader's Tour, Author: Pete Kilner
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Title: Wargames Rules for All-arms Land Warfare from Platoon to Battalion Level., Author: Phil Barker
Title: Operations of the 3rd Platoon, Company A, 301st American Tank Battalion, in the Attack on the Hindenburg Line, Sept. 26-29, 1918, Author: Joseph J. Gutowski
Title: DrillMaster's Platoon/Flight & Drill Team Coach's Field Manual, Author: John Marshall
Title: Operations of the 37-mm Gun Platoon, 26th Infantry, 1st Division, Oct. 1-12, 1918, Author: Jeorge J. Forster
Title: Operations of the 1st Platoon, Forward Area Signal Center, B Company, 501st Signal Battalion (Airborne), in Support of the 1st Brigade, 101st Airborne Division West of Ben Cat, Republic of Vietnam, 4-16 December 1965, Author: John M. Taylor
Title: Infantry Rifle Platoon and Squad, Author: Department of the Army
Title: Friendly Fire (The Echo Platoon Series, Book 3), Author: Marliss Melton
Title: Danger Close (The Echo Platoon Series, Book 1), Author: Marliss Melton
Title: Echo Platoon (Rogue Warrior Series), Author: Richard Marcinko
Title: The Infantry Rifle Platoon and Squad (FM 3-21.8 / 7-8), Author: Department of the Army
Title: Effectiveness of Current Mechanized Scout Platoon, Author: Richard G. Hobson
Title: Army Techniques Publication ATP 3-21.8 Infantry Platoon and Squad April 2016, Author: United States Government US Army
Title: Preparing the Scout Platoon for Combating an Insurgency, Author: Christopher S. Mahaffey
Title: Operations of the 2nd Platoon (Rein), Company B, 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion, 3rd Marine Division (Rein), FMF, on a Patrol in Support of Operation Holt from 2-6 July 1966 in Thua Thien Province, Republic of Vietnam, Author: Robert Beeler

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