Title: Danger on Parade (Nancy Drew Files Series #77), Author: Carolyn Keene
Title: The Night Parade, Author: Kathryn Tanquary
Title: Smokin' Parade, Vol. 1, Author: Jinsei Kataoka
Title: Smokin' Parade, Vol. 2, Author: Jinsei Kataoka
Title: Max Brooks' The Extinction Parade, Volume 2: War, Author: Max Brooks
Title: Hot Nylon Parade: Sexy girls, sexy legs, sexy nylons, Author: Goliath
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Title: The Life and Death Parade, Author: Eliza Wass
Title: The Little Book of Pride: The History, the People, the Parades, Author: Lewis Laney
Title: Parade of Shadows, Author: Gloria Whelan
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Title: The Bone Parade, Author: Mark Nykanen
Title: The Underdog Parade, Author: Michael Mihaley
Title: Si Lewen's Parade: An Artist's Odyssey, Author: Si Lewen
Title: Hot Nylon Parade: Sexy Beine, sexy Mädchen, sexy Strümpfe, Author: Goliath
Title: The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec: The Mad Scientist / Mummies on Parade, Author: Tardi
Title: The Pepperoni Parade and the Power of Prayer: A Book About Prayer, Author: Barbara Johnson
Title: Dungeon: Parade - Vol. 1: A Dungeon Too Many, Author: Joann Sfar
Title: John Sinclair - Folge 1536: Ghoul-Parade, Author: Jason Dark
Title: North Carolina Parade: Stories of History and People, Author: Richard Walser