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Title: The Making of Urban Japan: Cities and Planning from Edo to the Twenty First Century / Edition 1, Author: Andre Sorensen
Title: MADE IN JAPAN (REIS), Artist: YUKO SHIBUYA Pre-Order Now
Title: Made in Japan / Edition 1, Author: Guenther Stein
Title: Made in Japan, Artist: Yuko Shibuya Pre-Order Now
Title: Making Japan Work, Author: J.E. Thomas
Title: Peace-Making and the Settlement with Japan, Author: ABC-CLIO
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Title: Peace-Making and the Settlement with Japan, Author: Frederick Sherwood Dunn
Title: The Making of Modern Japan / Edition 2, Author: Kenneth Pyle
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Title: Magazines and the Making of Mass Culture in Japan, Author: Amy Bliss Marshall
Title: The Making of Romantic Love: Longing and Sexuality in Europe, South Asia, and Japan, 900-1200 CE, Author: William M. Reddy
Title: Songs from the Edge of Japan: Music-making in Yaeyama and Okinawa, Author: Matt Gillan
Title: The Changing Role of Law in Japan: Empirical Studies in Culture, Society and Policy Making, Author: Dimitri Vanoverbeke
Title: Working Skin: Making Leather, Making a Multicultural Japan, Author: Joseph D. Hankins
Title: Making We the People: Democratic Constitutional Founding in Postwar Japan and South Korea, Author: Chaihark Hahm
Title: Tanaka: The Making of Postwar Japan, Author: James Babb
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Title: On Uneven Ground: Miyazawa Kenji and the Making of Place in Modern Japan, Author: Hoyt Long
Title: Japan's Outcaste Abolition: The Struggle for National Inclusion and the Making of the Modern State, Author: Noah Y. McCormack
Title: The Making of China's War with Japan: Zhou Enlai and Zhang Xueliang, Author: Mayumi Itoh
Title: Towards the Implementation of the New Urban Agenda: Contributions from Japan and Germany to Make Cities More Environmentally Sustainable, Author: Bernhard Müller
Title: Post-war Japan as a Sea Power: Imperial Legacy, Wartime Experience and the Making of a Navy, Author: Alessio Patalano

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