Title: Both Hands Tied: Welfare Reform and the Race to the Bottom of the Low-Wage Labor Market, Author: Jane L. Collins
Title: Planning Politics & State / Edition 1, Author: Nicholas Low
Title: Inception Point: The Use Of Learning And Development To Reform The Singapore Public Service, Author: James Low
Hardcover $84.70 $88.00 Current price is $84.70, Original price is $88.00.
Title: Rethinking Urban Parks, Author: Setha Low
Title: Behind the Gates: Life, Security, and the Pursuit of Happiness in Fortress America / Edition 1, Author: Setha Low
Paperback from $33.46 $56.95 Current price is $33.46, Original price is $56.95.
Title: Review of the Department of Defense Research Program on Low-Level Exposures to Chemical Warfare Agents, Author: National Research Council
Title: Legislative Reference Services and Sources / Edition 1, Author: Kathleen Low
Title: Multiphase Reactor Engineering for Clean and Low-Carbon Energy Applications / Edition 1, Author: Yi Cheng
Hardcover $195.83 $202.75 Current price is $195.83, Original price is $202.75.
Title: Monetary Policy in Low-Inflation Economies, Author: David E. Altig
Title: Science and the Building of a New Japan, Author: M. Low
Title: Bullion Flows and Monetary Policies in England and the Low Countries, 1350-1500 / Edition 1, Author: John H. Munro
Title: Low-Intensity Conflict in American History / Edition 1, Author: Claude C. Sturgill
Title: The Politics of Public Space / Edition 1, Author: Setha Low
Title: Science, Technology and Society in Contemporary Japan, Author: Morris Low
Title: Annual Analysis Of Competitiveness, Simulation Studies And Development Perspective For 35 States And Federal Territories Of India: 2000-2010, Author: Khee Giap Tan
Title: Anthropology of Space and Place: Locating Culture / Edition 1, Author: Setha M. Low
Paperback $63.36 $68.50 Current price is $63.36, Original price is $68.50.
Title: 2014 Regional Competitiveness Analysis And A Master Plan On Regional Development Strategies For India: Annual Competitiveness Update And Evidence On Economic Development Model For Selected States Of India, Author: Khee Giap Tan
Title: Low Carbon Development / Edition 1, Author: Frauke Urban
Title: Cancer Control Opportunities in Low- and Middle-Income Countries, Author: Institute of Medicine
Title: Iconic Events: Media, Politics, and Power in Retelling History / Edition 1, Author: Patricia Leavy author of Essentials of Transdisciplinary Research and Low-Fat Love

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