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Title: Lila and Hadley, Author: Kody Keplinger
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Title: My Year in the Middle, Author: Lila Quintero Weaver
Title: Della and Lila Meet the Monongahela Mermaid, Author: Brianne Mitchell
Title: Lila and the Crow, Author: Gabrielle Grimard
Title: Henry Ford's Fantastic Factory, Author: Lila Greene
Title: Fiddles and Spoons (pb): Journey of an Acadian Mouse, Author: Lila Hope-Simpson
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Title: Lila and Myla the Twins Fairies (Rainbow Magic: Special Edition Series), Author: Daisy Meadows
Title: Isabel's War, Author: Lila Perl
Title: Anklet for a Princess: A Cinderella Story from India, Author: Lila Mehta
Title: Lila and the Secret of Rain, Author: David Conway
Title: The Great Ancestor Hunt: The Fun of Finding Out Who You Are, Author: Lila Perl Yerkow
Title: Princess Lila and The Knight in Shouting Armour, Author: Per Holbo
Title: Lucy and Lila, Author: Alison Fletcher
Title: Dragons?!, Author: Lila Prap
Title: Dinosaurs!?, Author: Lila Prap
Title: Princess Lila Builds a Tower, Author: Anne Paradis
Title: Lila The Sign of the Elven Queen, Author: Mark J. Grant
Title: Prinsesse Lila og Prinsen på Den Vrede Hest, Author: Per Holbo
Title: Dreamsville: Princess Ayanna Crowns Lila, Author: Richard Smith
Title: Lila the Ladybug: A Deep Creek Lake Adventure, Author: Cynthia Freland

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