Title: Schindler's List
Director: Steven Spielberg
DVD $11.99 $14.99 Current price is $11.99, Original price is $14.99.
Title: Michael Collins
Title: Batman Begins
Title: Chloe
Director: Atom Egoyan
Title: Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace
Title: Widows
Title: A Million Ways to Die in the West
Title: Taken 2
Director: Olivier Megaton
Title: Shining Through
Director: David Seltzer
Title: Silence
Director: Martin Scorsese
DVD $8.99 $15.99 Current price is $8.99, Original price is $15.99.
Title: Cold Pursuit
Title: Nell
Director: Michael Apted
Title: Taken
Director: Pierre Morel
Title: Empires: Martin Luther
Title: The Grey
Title: Seraphim Falls
Director: David Von Ancken
Title: Clash of the Titans/Wrath of the Titans
Title: The Commuter
Title: A Walk Among the Tombstones
Title: Non-Stop

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