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Title: Iron Kingdoms Excursions: Season One, Volume Two, Author: Larry Correia
Title: Star For A Day, Author: Larry Sternig
Title: Myths, Facts, and Lies About Prodigies - A Historiography of William James Sidis, Author: Larry Gowdy
Title: Nine Pelicans in a Row, Author: Larry Williams
Title: Submit to Lead, Author: Larry Williams
Title: Aquarium Tips: Learn All About Sand Sharks, Marine Aquarium, Tropical Aquarium, Aquarium Algae and More, Author: Larry Williams
Title: Morgan's Book, Author: Dr. Hawk Larry Williams
Title: Hid in the Day of the Lord's Anger, Author: Bishop Larry Williams
Title: Transforming Minds: One Mind at a Time, Author: Larry D. Williams
Title: Challenging Life's Ins and Outs, Author: Deb Becker
Title: Loving Family and Great Friends: All About My Family and the Friends I Know and It Was All Love, Author: Larry William Selig
Title: Transforming Minds, Author: Larry D. Williams
Title: Geschichten aus den Eisernen Königreichen, Staffel 1 Episode 2, Author: William Shick
Title: Hard Luck Larry, Author: William T. Moyer
Title: William Goodman, Author: Larry Buege